The Vampire Diaries Series Review Roundtable Discussion

Alas, Vampire Diaries fans we have reached the beginning of the end as the final season of the CW’s second longest running TV show airs tonight. The Vampire Diaries hit our television screens in 2009, and it’s been a ride, to say the least. To get everyone ready for this evening’s season premiere, some of the Talk Nerdy With Us team (Rachel, Brittany and myself) decided to participate in a roundtable to discuss how we feel about the show coming to an end.

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How do you feel knowing that The Vampire Diaries will be ending after Season 8?

Rachel: It’s bittersweet. I definitely think it’s time for TVD to end (these last few seasons haven’t been my favorite), but at the same time, of course, I’ll miss it. I’ll miss these fictional characters that I’ve spent eight years with and that I’ve become emotionally invested in.

Brittany: Not gonna lie, in a lot of ways it feels overdue (I completely agree with Rachel that these last seasons haven’t been too great) – but now that it’s actually happening, it’s sort of surreal. It’s definitely time, but the idea of it really being over also makes me incredibly nostalgic.

Shadia: It’s been a long time coming. I feel like the show has been running for far too long and the greatness of the storylines are just fading away. TVD has to be like the only show I can say I started when I was a freshman in high school and it will be ending when I graduate college in May. I feel like I’ve grown with this show in so many ways and seeing all these characters come and go makes me feel things. So it is bittersweet. Haha. But all in all, I think they made the right decision to end with Season 8.

What has been your MOST favorite season, so far and why?

Rachel: Season 1. Honestly. I remember getting hooked very quickly and even going out to purchase the book after the Halloween episode – because I NEEDED to know what happened next. I had to know what happened to Vicki. Granted the show didn’t follow the books that closely (THANK GOODNESS!) and so I had to wait for my answers, but had that first season not been so good, I don’t know if I would’ve kept coming back for more.

Brittany: I think Season 2 was my favorite season. Although my favorite episode overall was in Season 3 (The Reckoning), the entirety of Season 2 just totally killed it from a “big bad” perspective; starting off with Katherine and the werewolves before moving up to the Originals really made it a high-stakes season overall (back when a character’s death was actually a realistic possibility instead of a temporary plot device, unlike later seasons) – plus it had a great finale.

Shadia: As much as I loved seasons 1 & 2, it has got be Season 3 for me. That’s when the Mikaelson family took over and caused havoc. Plus we got introduced to the dangerous Klaus. Season 1 & 2 were great, they were fresh and they were compelling to watch, but the Originals were such a turning point.

What has been your LEAST favorite season, so far and why?

Rachel: I hate to say this because I was SO EXCITED to see what the show could be/do without Elena, but Season 7 was my least favorite. It just never got to where I wanted it to go, or where I thought it could go.

Brittany: I guess Season 4. I could practically give you a minute-by-minute recap of each season before then, but I really can’t remember anything specific about Season 4 other than the fact that Elena became a vampire and picked Damon. I will never not see her transition as a plot device to justify the fan-demanded Delena – which was made even more clear when the writers chose to focus that entire season on the Delena/Stelena triangle. Even if Delena happening then was completely coincidental and not fan service, it felt like the writers gave control of the show over to the fans that season. And while there were still good episodes and character moments over the last few seasons, Season 4 started the trend of fans’ wishes (and actors’ wishes, in some cases) coincidentally becoming storylines, which really messed up the feel of the show.

Shadia: I’d say Season 7 as well. I was so looking forward to the storyline without Elena in the series and what arcs they would take on next. But it just felt so awkward and redundant. The heretics storyline was a bore fest; it could have gone so much better. I couldn’t deal with the whole Steroline love blossoming. But other than Season 7, Season 5 was my least favorite season. That Silas storyline and the girls in college just didn’t do it for me.

Who has been your favorite character, and why? (Either still in the show, or not)

Rachel: Ooh, that’s a good question! Think it’s a tie between Bonnie and Stefan. LOVED Lexi too, though! (She was just such a good BFF!) They were the characters I related the most to, and the characters I care most about. 

Brittany: I think I have to go with Caroline. Somewhat surprising, since the only person I hated more than her in Season 1 was Vicky Donovan, but she changed so much over the seasons and really matured into a fantastic character. I loved seeing her grow up and gain so much self-confidence. I think Caroline Forbes was actually born to be a vampire.

Shadia: Bonnie. She is just one heck of a witch, friend, person, etc. She has sacrificed herself more times than I can count for the people that she loves. And her bravery has been so underrated.

Who has been your least favorite character, and why?

Rachel: Now this is an even harder question, and I know I’m in the minority, but (vampire) Elena (SORRY TVD!) I loved human Elena, but once she turned I just could no longer stand the character. 

Brittany: Elena, Elena, Elena. I know we’re supposed to see her as kind and caring, but her good moments were quickly out shadowed by her many annoying, self-righteous, or nagging moments. Plus I’d argue that she also the most self-centered character; everyone around Elena ends up bending over backwards to save her life or give her whatever she wants, and still she always finds something to complain about.

Shadia: I think we all agree with this one. It’s also Elena for me. She was too much; she was selfish. She played around with two brothers and got herself in one of the messiest love triangles in teen show history. She just wasn’t a character I could relate to or stand behind.

Who do you think has been the best villain to have appeared on the show, and why?

Rachel: Kai…he did what no other villain could. He made fans say goodbye to Elena. (Yes, I’m also biased and in love with Chris Wood!)

Brittany: Uncle John was great, as was Katherine. Elijah was better still – smacking that werewolf’s head off as his TVD intro has to be one of the most iconic villain appearances the CW’s ever had – but I think I’m supposed to say, Klaus, right? I really want to say Season 3 Humanity-Free Stefan only because he was incredibly fun. However, since Klaus technically is the reason he ended up being that way, I guess my answer still should be Klaus. I sometimes think the writers messed up by bringing Elijah and Klaus in so soon; there really was no “topping” them in the villain category.

Shadia: At first I was like, IT’S KLAUS. But then I thought, OH MY GOD NO. IT’S KAI. What a ruthless, psychopathic villain he was. He was always putting me on the edge of my seat when watching. And after that season Season 6 finale…it’s Kai. Damn you for killing Jo, Kai. DAMN YOUUU.

We all know shipping the main characters has been such a huge influence of TVD since pretty much day one.  Were/are you a Stelena or Delena shipper? And why?

Rachel: STELENA. I fell in love with the Stefan character when Elena did, and although she moved on. I never did. 

Brittany: Neither. I’ve always hated the unending Stelena/Delena war – and the ship wars in general that have plagued TVD since it started. However, I’m totally going to pull a Kanye right now and say that Forwood was actually the best TVD relationship of all time. That said, I will never not be a Defan shipper. Those brothers went through too much for too long to have seriously allowed a whiny, judgemental teenager to get between them.

Shadia: This Stelena and Delena shipping war tore the TVD fandom apart but at the same made it was interesting in the beginning. Stelena were cute in the beginning but then I shifted over to Delena. I loved the angst we got from Delena during the first four seasons. However, when they actually became a couple, I was just like—eh, nevermind. I still want Klaroline to happen. I LOVED THEM. That was another couple with angst that had me waiting for too long. I think the writers made us believe that they were going to be endgame. Maybe they still might be?

Who would you believe has shown the most character development throughout the show?

Rachel: Caroline Forbes. I disliked her so much in the beginning… okay, I should rephrase I disliked HUMAN Caroline. Once Caroline became a vampire and started to mature and grow I adored her! I don’t know if I’ve ever switched opinions about a character like that before. I went from one end of the spectrum to the other, and so did Caroline. Plus Caroline continues to grow. She was different in Season 7 than she was in Season 6 and different in Season 6 than 5, etc.

Brittany: That’s a tough one. They all changed quite a bit, but I guess I’d have to say, Caroline, primarily for all the reasons that justify her being my favorite character now.

Shadia: I would have to say Damon, but he is seriously like a ticking time bomb. You never know when he’ll go back to his own selfish ways even when you’ve thought he’s changed. So besides Damon, I’d say Caroline. She was so annoying in the beginning, and we all saw in Season 7 how she’s an entirely different character.

Do you think The Vampire Diaries has taught you anything over the years? (i.e., about trust, love, forgiveness, family, etc.)

Rachel: (laughs) It’s taught me vampires don’t sparkle, no matter what Twilight said. Thank you for that, Damon Salvatore. And that a love triangle between brothers will cause a lot of death. 

Brittany: The biggest thing I’ve learned from TVD is that love triangles suck harder than a tomb vampire. But in all seriousness, while this isn’t exactly something it “taught” me, I have met so many amazing people over the years entirely thanks to this show – and despite a few less-than-stellar storylines, those friendships alone have made the show worth the emotional investment.

 Shadia: STAY AWAY FROM LOVE TRIANGLES BETWEEN TWO BROTHERS. Haha. Seriously, having grown up with the show and going from a teenager to an adult, I’d have to say I’ve learned about the bond between family. No matter what, you’re always going to be there for them.

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