The Night Time Show with Special Guest Bruce Vilanch


If you’ve ever seen an episode of Hollywood Squares, it’s likely you’ve seen Bruce Vilanch with his signature long blonde hair and colorful glasses. What you may not know is that appearing on the show took only a fraction of his time – he was also the head writer for four years.

This is only a small piece of what Vilanch talks about in his upcoming appearance on The Night Time Show, a podcast hosted by Stephen Glickman (who is a hilarious guy in his own right; you can check out my interview with him here.)

The highlights of the episode are the stories Vilanch shares about his work on the 1978 iconic Star Wars Holiday Special, for which he was one of the writers. In addition to the cast of the films, appearances by the likes of Bea Arthur and Art Carney made it a broadcast viewers would never forget.

Vilanch also talks about some of the legends of entertainment he’s worked with over the years, his time on Broadway playing Edna Turnblad in Hairspray, and his work writing for awards shows including the Oscars, for which he became the head writer in 2000.

It’s an entertaining hour, not to be missed by any fan of old Hollywood or present day entertainment. You can find this and past episodes of The Night Time Show on iTunes.

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