Stitchers’ Season Three and How It’s Changing the Face of TV Renewal

First off, let me congratulate Stitchers on being renewed for their third season! To each person who Tweeted, Instagramed, Facebooked, wrote a letter, signed a petition, or created a video…this is for you.

According to Karey Burke, Freefom’s Executive Vice President of Programming and Development on Stitchers renewal: “Stitchers‘ passionate fanbase has been vocal about wanting to see more of this show, and we listened.”

Why is that so big, you ask?

Because in the history of Television, this has only happened a handful of times. So often we find ourselves loving a show that only lasts a season or two and must live with the reality of it when it’s not renewed. Firefly, anyone?

But the Stitchers community is changing that, and we’re changing the face of renewing Television as well. With so many ways to communicate via social media now, the impact of our everyday actions can have ramifications that surpass even our wildest dreams. Now, with one hashtag, you can spread your message to people across the world. You can save a show.

I’ve always felt that passion was the key to the Television business. If you’re going to do anything with Television, you have to have a passion for it, a willingness to fight for it. For the fans of Stitchers, this is all too true.

The overwhelming support from fans is what helped Stitchers earn a third season and not only am I glad that Freeform celebrated those efforts, but it should also spike the interest in other networks. Look at your fans, look at the people who watch your shows, and listen to them. Recognize that they are always fighting hard for what they love and they won’t give up until their voice is heard.

To all of those who feel as though it wouldn’t matter if they participated in spreading the news about their favorite show, look at what we have done. Look at the Stitchers community and know that no one was silenced, not one voice was small, and not one action was too minute. Every single person in this community was heard loud and clear.

To know that our interactions with networks, casts, crews, and people around the world are influencing and changing the way renewals happen, opens up a world of possibilities for not only fans of Stitchers, but for each show. We, as members of a community, must remember that their fate is in our hands. Never be silent and never assume that you can’t make a difference, because you can.

We did.

Alyssa Lemke, author of the Stitchers Petition for Season Three, gained thousands of signatures and comments. People were showing their passion and love for the one thing that unites us all. This show. When news dropped of the renewal yesterday, Alyssa took a moment to celebrate by posting a note on her Tumblr page, in which she addressed all of the people involved:

“This would not be possible without each and every project, tweet, post, and each and every one of you. I am so blessed to be a part of such a strong and motivated group of fans.
We didn’t give up, and it worked.”

But she knows that the work that’s been done, is far from over. And I think we are both ready for whatever the next several months have in store for this community. Because we’ve come to learn that when you love something, and you work hard for it, and you put the effort in, sometimes you don’t always get this lucky.

But yesterday, we got a win, and we’re going to take it.


Congratulations to Freeform, to Stitchers, and especially to the fans. You did it.



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  1. Congratulation on the success of your renewal campaign! I know something about what it takes to accomplish what you ddi. My own fandom, the SyFy series “12 Monkeys” also gained a successful Season 3 renewal due to grass roots fan campaigning. We were also blessed with a devoted and dedicated cast, crew, writers and showrunner, who faithfully joined us on live tweets, scored celebrity Twitter shoutouts and not only celebrated joyfully with a contingent of fans at a live event the day the renewal was announced, but credited our efforts publically and expressed thanks and gratitude, An engaged fandom is a precious resource and thankfully the networks are beginning to appreciate that.

  2. This is very well written article. I am really glad that we got season 3 and I was one of the people posting on facebook asking for season 3 as they really complicated season 2 without any answers and if this how got canceled I would be very pissed. Now for the producer sand writers real work start as they will really need to use their brains and explain all this and come up with stories about kirsten father and mother and more about her dad as his story is very mysterious without any sense why did he really left his daughter kirsten and never return again, never even made any contact with her it must be something big, is he really bad or no and what is really happening under stitching program that her dad knows about it and still doesn;t want his daughter to find out and how is his wife alive , did ed betrayed her father by giving his death wife to blair and what is blair doing to dr stinger wife and kirsten mother and what is he using her for and what a e they doing to other bodies probably in some underground facility for who knows what purpose. We need so many answers with better writings and real stories and also they should bring back C.thomas as Kirsten Father and show him properly so we know it is him and get him involve in the show and tell us his real story not just showing his eyes and mouth so we don’t even know if that was him as we don’t know nothing really about him since he left and same goes about her mother bring back actress who was in few episodes already..I would hate that any of kirsten parents are bad but everything is pointing that her father is bad so there is small chance he is not but I would love good emotional meeting between kirsten and her parents..

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