Sparrow Sleeps Has Pre-School Going Punk

Sparrow Sleeps is a twosome from the Midwest that started out in 2013. When co-creator, Casey Cole needed a way to get his new baby, Sparrow, to sleep after those 2 AM feedings, he took to making lullaby versions of his favorite pop-punk songs. Since then, Casey and the band’s second member, Peter Lockheart, have made thirty albums of lullaby covers of bands like Brand New, MXPX, Green Day, and even Senses Fail. This fall, Sparrow Sleeps is tackling the 3-5-year-olds with the help of a few special guests.

The new album, Sparrow and Friends Start a Band!, marks a transition both for the band and the kids who dozed off to their lullabies. Sparrow and Friends plays like a big kids CD but, with lyrics geared toward toddlers about learning how to share, remembering how long to brush your teeth, and memorizing the ABC’s. Sure, there are songs like “Holding Hands” that reminds kids to hold hands before they cross any street but, there are plenty of songs that are just about being a kid and having fun! Will Pugh of Cartel is featured on “I Want to Play,” a fun number with echoes of early All Time Low singles, which talks about all the different ways there are to have fun. The albums closes out with a lullaby of course, “While the Sparrow Nests,” a soft and tender track featuring Aaron Marsh of Copeland that promises a restful sleep and an exciting tomorrow.

Start a Band! marks a significant transition for the music of Sparrow Sleeps. They’ve moved away from the comfort zone of lullabies and into an era where they have the power to help parents do more than put their kids to bed. They are assisting parents in teaching their preschoolers and kindergartners the foundations of living and growing up. For the generations that grew up listening to the bands Sparrow Sleeps covers and the artists they have features from on this album, it makes raising a child a lot less terrifying to know that even punk rockers need a little help justifying why veggies always trump candy.

The new album, Sparrow and Friends Start a Band!, debuts this fall on October 21st but, you can stream the album and pre-order it on the Sparrow Sleeps website; you can find their discography of lullaby covers there as well! If you’re a parent, a teacher, or just a longtime fan of pop-punk, you don’t want to miss this new installment.


  1. This is so cool! The type of music I’d want my kids to listen to. But 30 albums in 3 years??? That’s insane!

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