Liz Loughrey Has Sparked a Movement with Her New Single “Rise Up”

20696In the month after Canadian singer/songwriter, Liz Loughrey released her new single “Rise Up!”, the song isn’t just catching on musically but socially as well; underneath the slightly reggae beat is a call to action. Loughrey’s song inspired the hashtag #RiseUpMovement which shows how people around the world are rising up in their own communities. Lyrically, the song encourages listeners to break the cocoon of complacency and desensitization that the world seems encased in; “Rise Up!” implores us to take advantage of the potential we all have to change our communities and our world for the better.

The video that accompanied the songs release depicts both the joyful, heartbreaking, and worrisome happenings all around the world, from the Dakota Access Pipeline struggle to Pride marches. Loughrey, both visually and vocally, paints how our world is currently and what parts of our world can thrive if we all stand up together and lean on one another. The video and song respectively says, “Yes this world needs a lot of work, but it is still a world worth fighting for so stand up.” Interestingly, the only moments we see the artist herself is in quick glimpses of her holding a flaming torch as if she’s ready to set the world, or a movement, aflame and, in a way, she has.

Look out for Liz Loughrey’s upcoming EP coming in 2017!

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