Knockout Teams are Set On #TheVoice

THE VOICE -- "Battle Rounds" -- Pictured: (l-r) Bindi Liebowitz, Brendan Fletcher -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Last night was the final night of the Battle Rounds on The Voice. Not a lot of surprises as we head into the knockout rounds next week.

Here are the teams heading into next week in order of who I think might have the best chance of making it to the live rounds.

Team Miley

  1. Ali Caldwell
  2. Aaron Gibson
  3. Darby Walker
  4. Josh Halverson
  5. Sophia Urista
  6. Lauren Diaz
  7. Josette Diaz
  8. Maye Thomas

Team Alicia

  1. We McDonald
  2. Christian Cuevas
  3. Michael Sanchez
  4. Sa’Rayah
  5. Courtnie Ramirez
  6. Kylie Rothfield
  7. Whitney & Shannon
  8. Belle Jewel

Team Adam

  1. Nolan Neal
  2. Riley Elmore
  3. Billy Gilman
  4. Brendan Fletcher
  5. Jason Warrior
  6. Dave Moisan
  7. Ponciano Seone
  8. Simone Gundy

Team Blake

  1. Josh Gallagher
  2. Austin Allsup
  3. Sundance Head
  4. Bindi Liebowitz
  5. Courtney Harrell
  6. Gabe Broussard
  7. Karlee Metzger
  8. Dana Harper

I’m going to throw out a few names for the wildcard picks only because I’m so mad that Blaine Long got sent home on Monday. I’m thinking Blaine, Lane Mack, Hailee Tomlinson and maybe Preston James deserve the live show wild card spots. I know it’s not fair and all…but some of these guys deserve another shot.

Going into next week, I think Blake has a strong team but it is full of Cowboys, and it will be interesting to see if he wants to diversify his team or stick with what he knows. Some of these people haven’t been seen since the blind auditions so there could be some surprises but it doesn’t seem likely. We’ve got some powerhouse vocals on the girls’ teams and some cool voices on the boys’ teams. This might turn into a true boys vs. girls battle!



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