Jupiter Hollow Prepares for Release of Debut EP

Following in the footsteps of progressive rock and metal pioneers like Pink Floyd, Rush, and Tool, Jupiter Hollow has been hard at work since their 2015 founding creating a unique audio and visual experience for fans. Finally, the band is prepared to unleash these efforts with their debut EP Odyssey on January 13.

“This EP is a concept record, it will tell the story about two characters fighting one another in order to save their civilizations, but they just can’t do it,” explained the band of the EP. “They’re in control of their civilization’s future, but then you actually find out that there’s only one person, who’s actually fighting with themselves. They’re unhappy with who they are when they look in the mirror and realize they can’t grow past their indifference, and that they actually aren’t a good person and the people from their civilization will die.”

Odyssey is just the beginning for Jupiter Hollow, acting as a prelude to the band’s planned full-length album AHDOMN. For now, you can get a taste of the band with the music video for their single “Hades Heart.”

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