Exclusive Interview with Singer and YouTube Star Mariel


14-year old Mariel began her YouTube channel and quickly gained a following with her talented covers of popular songs.  Multi-Platinum and Multi-Grammy winning producers Michael Mangini and Peter Zizzo, who have produced for the likes of The Jonas Brothers, Avril Lavigne, and Vanessa Carlton, took notice of her natural ability and charisma.  Joining forces with Michael and Peter, Mariel got into the studio and began working hard on her incredibly fun and fresh EP, “Let’s Start Our Story.”

Mariel describes her upcoming EP as a collection of music with a bit of everything – fun, relatable songs, as well as more serious ones.   Mariel just wrapped up her exciting “Camplified” tour where she traveled to various camps in the U.S. to perform for the kids. TNWU caught up with Mariel to discuss her upcoming album!

What age did you take the step into making and performing music?

As a toddler, I always had a song in my head. I put on performances every night after dinner.  As I got older, I took every opportunity to perform on stage. Starting at seven years old, I sang with a music group, sang solos at my elementary talent school, was in the musicals, Christmas shows, etc.

Is there any experience you would credit as the moment when you knew making music was what you wanted to do?

Anything that gave me an opportunity to perform, I was there!  A couple of years ago, I had the one in a lifetime chance to perform at the halftime show at the New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden.  Hearing the reaction from the crowd was one of the most amazing feelings.

You have an incredibly large social media following, how has your social media fan base affected your singing career?

 It’s so cool to be able to share my covers, and soon original songs, with people from all over.  The support means so much to me.

How would you describe the sound of “Let’s Start Our Story”?

It’s very energetic and pop-driven.  It’s really positive but has a serious side too.

Can you describe the experience writing and creating your new EP?

It’s such a great experience.  I draw inspiration from personal experiences but also from what others around me are going through.  I then meet with producers to put our ideas together in the studio.  The process is so fun, and I love seeing all of the ideas and lyrics come to life in song.

When you aren’t creating music, what artists or bands do you like to listen to?

 (laughs) Justin Bieber is my favorite!

Who would be your dream tour mate?

 Taylor Swift 🙂

What are you most looking forward to once your EP is released?

I am so so excited to release my debut EP and music video for my single “EPIC.”  I have been working on this new music for a while, so I am so excited to share my original music with fans finally.

What books, movies, television shows, etc. bring out the nerd in you?

My favorite movie is The Hunger Games! Recently I’ve been obsessed with older shows on Netflix like Grey’s Anatomy & Gilmore Girls.  I also love The Voice and America’s Got Talent.




(Featured Image Photo Credit: Brandon Woelfel)

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