Exclusive Interview with Sarahjane Gibson of Streets of Laredo


Streets of Laredo former New Zealand natives are about to embark on a tour with CRX. Thier title track Wild sums up their energy and excitement for life and music. Talk Nerdy recently had the opportunity to chat with Sarahjane and discuss their new album, new track Silly Bones, and their favorite tweets.

Your second album just came out – which track are you most excited for fans to hear?

That’s a hard question… I love all the tracks for different reasons. The track “Wild” is special to me, and I feel like it’s almost a band mantra, a good reminder to stay the course.  Another track I think is going to move people is “Doesn’t Even Bother Me Really.” There is such a beautiful sentiment in that song. 

How long has the album been in the making? 

It was summer 2015 when we earnestly started working on the album. We basically locked ourselves away in our basement studio in Bushwick, and worked up the songs. In the fall, we began working with our producer, John Agnello, who we love with all our hearts, and early in the new year, we had a record. 

What has the fan response to Silly Bones been? 

We’re really happy with how well it’s been received. We road tested it before it came out while we were on tour with Shakey Graves earlier this year, to a great response. I can’t wait to play it live with CRX now that it’s out. 

Following your album release, you are going on tour with CRX is there a stop or venue that you have never played at before, but have been dying to play at? What is your favorite part about hitting the road? 

I’m really looking forward to playing Las Vegas as we’ve never played there before. Vegas is our last show, and the perfect place to let off some steam once the tour ends. I love touring, playing live, and seeing first hand if what you have created can inspire people. There’s nothing like going on the road with a bunch of guys that are hilarious, and letting the day to day concerns of life drop away. 

How would you describe the vibe of Streets of Laredo in 5 words or less? 

Twisty, indie, folk, pop 

Best tweet you guys have ever gotten? 

My favorite tweet was from @JohnJCampbell when he complemented our single “99.9%”. I don’t know who the most respected and loved American media personality is, but Google told me it’s Anderson Cooper.  In New Zealand, it’s John Campbell — l love that guy! 

Our site is called talk nerdy with us, so what do you guys “nerd out” about? 

On the road, we’re obsessed with listening to Coast to Coast. There’s nothing like a goo


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