Album Review: “Devoted” by Rituals of Mine (FKA Sister Crayon)

Rituals of Mine is the duo formerly known as Sister Crayon.  Terra Lopez and Dani Fernandez felt that as they evolved as musicians and their lyrics and music followed suit that so should their name and that’s how Rituals of Mine was born.  The name alludes to the process of writing, recording and touring; rituals that both performers are well acquainted with.

The music on this re-mastered and remixed (by Tom Coyne) album is haunting with complex lyrics that are sung with precision and care.  The title track “Devoted” has a beautiful melody which weaves in and out of the background music, keeping its own pace while tearing at your very soul.  Terra Lopez’s vocal range is broad, and she uses that range to good effect throughout the record.  Her upper register is ethereal with an almost breathless quality that pulls the listener closer so that they don’t miss a word she sings.

This is an album which requires that you listen carefully to the lyrics in order to fully enjoy the listening experience.  While the background music is beautiful, it is just that, a background for the vocals which carry the album.  There are very few changes of tempo or key throughout the record, and at times it was difficult to distinguish which track was playing without looking at the title.  It is lovely music and does set a calming atmosphere, but this is music that you need to work at to appreciate.  I will listen to Rituals of Mine and Devoted again, but it is something I will have to be in the right mood for at the time.

There is very little out there that can be compared to Lopez and Fernandez’s music and I would encourage everyone who appreciates music to listen to Rituals of Mine and decide what mood the music will evoke for you. The re-released record can be streamed at Soundcloud.

Also be sure to watch the haunting, gritty video for single “Ride or Die” on YouTube.


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