Agents of SHIELD Season 4 Episode 5: The team Is Back and Dysfunctional As Ever

Jemma being a terrifying badass


This week’s episode was a lot slower than last week’s. Most of the episode was spent inside a prison trying to break out Robbie Reyes’s uncle (Eli Morrow), who is being targeted by ghost lady (Lucy). Lucy discovered that the magical book of knowledge (the Darkhold) no longer works for her (since she is at least sort of dead/incorporeal). She needed a normal person to read it, but preferably one with a scientific background.

The SHIELD team + Daisy + Robbie go after Uncle Eli to try to protect him from Lucy. What occurs next is a giant prison riot involving all of the watchdogs that have been put away so far. Daisy, of course, tried to take them all on by herself since it’s “her fight.” As much as I love watching Daisy take on 20 guys at once, without even using her powers, she needs to learn to let her team back in. Mamma May gave Daisy another much-needed talking to, but it doesn’t seem to have changed her mind.

Oh, and because Robbie had to go and seek some vengeance, Eli was captured by Lucy and is now being forced to read the Darkhold for her. Good job team.

Onto the more practical members of the team, Simmons is trying to pass a lie detector test while also concealing the truth about her adventure with Daisy, Aida, and the current whereabouts of the team. However, the Director pulls her out of the test right as the lie detector started to sense that she was lying. Why? He had to go into an interview with George Stephanopoulos and Senator Nadeer and wasn’t prepared with all the facts. Nadeer is secretly the mastermind behind the watchdogs. So, of course, it got contentious, pushing Director Mace to come clean about his inhuman origins.

This turned out to give him a huge spike in the polls. However, he then asked Simmons to go retake the polygraph test as her previous results indicated she was lying. Simmons, being brilliant, blackmailed the Director with the knowledge that he was not responsible for the heroics he claimed during the interview. Later, Senator Nadeer blackmails Director Mace with footage of Coulson and May working with Daisy and Robbie. So Mace is not having fun in his new position as Director. We’ll see how long he lasts.

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