Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 4 Episode 3


There’s yet another new threat for Daisy, Robbie, and the SHIELD team. This time, it’s a new Inhuman Resistance (or is it?). A group claiming to be inhumans who want to do away with registration are causing blackouts all over the world. Of course, this leads to looting as well as counterstrikes by those who hate inhumans. Somehow one of those groups found out where Elena was and tried to kill her. Luckily Coulson, Mack, and Fitz showed up. We even got to see Fitz fight – the first time since the Season 2 finale. In the end, it turns out it’s not the inhumans who are causing the blackouts. It’s the watchdogs being obnoxious AGAIN. Except this time, they have an even more advanced military tech and international backing. Someone powerful really hates inhumans. More on that later.

May is still seeing ghosts which is causing her to go crazy. Is Ming-Na Wen’s neck ok after all the thrashing she had to do? Luckily Jemma is a genius, and with Dr. Radcliffe’s help, they figure out that May and the other infected people are literally being scared to death. Apparently, the only way to fix her is to kill her, effectively “rebooting the computer.” Then they just have to bring her back to life with defibrillators. Easy. The second before they can use the defibrillators, however, the power goes out! Never fear, there’s always an extra super powered battery lying around when you’ve got an advanced AI in your home.

We also got to see Daisy and Robbie team up to take on a gang, and do so epically. Unfortunately, Daisy’s arm is really broken now if it wasn’t already. This development leads to some quality time between Daisy and Robbie’s younger brother, Gabe. Gabe figures out that Daisy is Quake, and promises not to tell anyone as long as Daisy leaves Robbie alone. I like this kid, but he needs to lay off Daisy. She is good people.

Meanwhile, as the cities get their lights turned back on, SHIELD is finally brought back into the light (though one can assume they’ll still operate in the shadows). It’s great that SHIELD is legitimate again. It’s less great that it’s being run by this new guy, who I still have mixed feelings about.

The episode’s final scene revealed that the one behind the blackouts is really the anti-inhuman Senator Nadeer. She has access to the inhuman registration database showing all of their movements. She’s clearly a brilliant strategist with a lot of connections and a deep hatred of inhumans. However, she’s also clearly insane. She keeps her brother’s calcified corpse in his home- reminiscent of Han Solo’s time as a carbonite decoration. Whatever her sanity level, she’ll definitely make trouble later.

So in sum, we have the watchdogs, Senator Nadeer, angry ghosts, an AI, and the Ghost Rider as critical plot points at this time. We’ll see how the rest of the season untangles these threads.


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