A Recap and Review of Aftermath “Fever of the Bone”

If you haven’t been watching Syfy’s new show, Aftermath, you’re missing out on something extraordinary. It’s a perfect mix of the supernatural, the mythological, and maybe even the extraterrestrial (well, we’ll see about that one). Aftermath follows the story of Karen (Anne Heche) and Josh Copeland (James Tupper), and their three kids, Matt (Levi Meaden), Brianna (Taylor Hickson), and Dana (Julia Sarah Stone). The family of five is faced with the looming reality of the end of the world, and they’re thrown into the beginning of an apocalyptic thrill ride.

Badassery must run in the Copeland family, because every episode, each character gets a little fiercer. Even Dana proved her Copeland-ness this week. But I have to say; “Copeland of the Week” goes to oldest twin, Brianna.

aftermath-gallery-103recap-12We’re taken right back into the religious commune that Brianna got herself stuck in last episode. Devyn (Mitchell Kummen) and her are quickly building a friendship. Although Devyn thinks it’s something more. Mary (Havana Guppy) and the others want nothing to do with her. The people of this community believe Brianna knows more about demonic beings than she’s admitting to. They decide it’s in everyone’s best interest if the Reverend Brother (Adrian Hough) decides her fate.

Once he arrives back, things aren’t all as they seem. He speaks with Brianna alone in a room, and chokes her against a wall, appearing to be possessed by something. He locks her in the barn and tells the community she’ll go on trial the next day. Brianna convinces Devyn that the Reverend Brother is dangerous. He helps her escape, and the Reverend Brother is not happy when he finds that she’s missing.

Devyn leads Brianna through the woods, headed south to find her family. He’s developing strong feelings for this girl, telling her, “you’re my whole life now.” Ah, puppy love. And I’m pretty sure Brianna feels the same way, as they’re kissing away in the forest, running from the Reverend Brother.

Cut to the rest of the Copeland family, traveling in their RV, looking for Brianna. Matt and Dana are making casual small talk over whom in their family they’d want to eat first- typical apocalyptic conversation. On their way to find Brianna, they run into a gaggle of dead bodies in the middle of the road, with their eyes gouged out. Aunt Sally (Janet Kidder) thinks she hears one of them still alive and reaches down to check. Leach-like slugs start crawling out of the body and make their way onto Sally’s. She shakes them off, and they run back into their RV.aftermath-104-recap-gallery-02_5

The Copeland’s come across a locked gate, blocking their shortcut to where Brianna is. Karen decides it’s best just to bust through, even though people are plagued inside. A man immediately approaches them and goes after Sally. Karen wastes no time putting a bullet in his head. Of course, the RV gets damaged during the process and needs mechanical work.

Sally starts to develop a rash and needs to see a doctor. Dana and Matt are sent to go find one but instead, come across a pen full of fever heads. They lure Matt over and grab him, saying they’ll kill him if Dana doesn’t unlock the gate. Matt tells her to shoot them. Dana hesitates. She thinks that not shooting a gun is the only sense of self she has left. Bullets start firing from elsewhere- a man threatening to throw the two in the cage. Dana and Matt explain that they came with other people and they need a doctor. He spares their life and wants them to bring him to their parents.

It turns out, Bob ‘Moondog’ Black (Louis Ferreira) and Karen were in the same Air Force special ops, and quickly establish an alliance. He guides them to a doctor, gets them weapons, and offers any supplies they need. While Sally is seeing the doctor, they find a leach-like slug living in Sally’s arm, which is causing the rash. He cuts it out, but it starts to multiply and take over the infirmary room. Karen seals the room shut. The fever heads have broken free from the cage now, and are trying to get into the garage they’re in. Just in time, Josh finishes fixing the RV. Sally decides to stay back to help the sick.

Karen, Josh, Matt, and Dana set off. Driving down the deserted road, they see a familiar face in the middle of the road- Brianna! As she’s waving them down, the Reverend Brother comes barreling out of the woods and tackles her. Devyn starts kicking him off. The Reverend Brother goes after him next. Brianna wastes no time in whipping out her gun and putting a bullet through his chest. Like mother, like daughter.

We have about 10 seconds of a happy Copeland family reunion before feverheads in an army tank start shooting at their RV, leaving us all at the edge of our seats for next week.

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