A Month of the #SaveChuckAgain Campaign


After it was announced that the TV show Chuck, which aired on NBC from 2007-2012, would be taken off of Netflix’s streaming service on November 1st, the fans and the amazing cast, spearheaded by the one and only Zachary Levi, passionately took to social media throughout October and began the “#SaveChuckAgain” campaign on Twitter.


For those who are huge fans of Chuck, like myself, it’s devastating, right?  Chuck deserves to be continually discovered by new viewers and regularly rewatched by its passionate fans.  Netflix was such a convenient tool to help satisfy our Chuck needs (especially for those of us who always procrastinate writing papers in the school library and use Chuck for a little motivation).

For those who have never seen Chuck, I know there isn’t a lot of time to watch it before it’s taken off of Netflix, but I did a few calculations: binge watching the entire series (only 91 episodes!) would take about 63.7 hours.  Now, maybe I’m a little biased, but I’d say that’s doable and such a great use of time!  But because of the limited amount of time, I also calculated how long it would take to binge-watch the first season of only 13 episodes: 9.1 hours which is probably enough to get you hooked on this fantastic show.

If you’re interested, here’s quick synopsis:  Chuck Bartowski, a computer nerd, working in an electronics store, accidentally downloads thousands of government secrets into his brain, putting him in constant danger as enemy organizations are hunting those government secrets. The CIA and NSA send two of their agents, Sarah Walker and John Casey, to protect Chuck, but all three must keep their spy affiliations a secret from everyone they know.  Chuck is the perfect blend of comedy, action, drama, and romance.  It’s hilarious and chock-full of nerdy pop-culture references.

I promise you will laugh, you will cry, you will fall in love with these characters, you will discover incredible music, and you will probably also never see Best Buy the same way again.

Chuck is honestly one of the most unique shows I have ever seen: the characters are so well-constructed and relatable, the plot is exciting and heart-warming, and the entire cast is fantastic.

Once again the fans of Chuck have shown that they are still devoted to both the show and the cast and are always willing to share their love and passions.  Even though the show ended in 2012, I still love being a part of this amazing fandom.

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