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Van Helsing 1×05 “Fear Her”: Exclusive Clip

Sheema is in for a whole heap of trouble on tonight’s Van Helsing as she goes into the lion’s den in search of plans in this exclusive SyFy clip.

In Van Helsing Episode 105 Vanessa has been captured by Julius and his vampire brood, and they force her to use her powers against someone from her past. A serial killer is discovered among the refugees, and a plot is uncovered to overthrow Axel.

Things are shaken up in a big way tonight on Van Helsing, so don’t miss out on this action-packed episode!

Written by AJ Mullican

AJ enjoys reading, writing, TV/movies, music, art, and cosplay. She has self-published poetry, short stories, and a novel. She is currently penning her second and third novels.

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