Talk Web Series With Us: The Pantheon

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Next stop: The Pantheon

Dan Fletcher, working at a tech company in Venice Beach, had a thought: “the people making these crazy new technologies that we use every day, and that are beyond our comprehension, are basically like, Gods.” He explains that he’s always had a passion for mythology, so it wasn’t long until he thought, “Well, what if they were actually Gods?” He already had his hands on a location- his office. He had the cast- his coworkers. And unto this, a web series was born- The Pantheon.

This series is painting a hilarious picture of “Ancient Greek Gods running a modern tech company.” Fletcher explains, “We’re trying to thread the needle of people who have both read the Iliad multiple times, and (also the people who have) memorized the dialogue of every episode of Silicon Valley. But really, any fan of comedy should find something to like!” He says we won’t find this mix of technology and mythology anywhere else, “for good or bad reasons, maybe,” he adds. How could this combination not hit it out of the park? He’s convinced the characters will draw in the viewers- “following Hades’ journey, and seeing what awful business Zeus is getting into next.

Fletcher wants the viewers to not only find humor in this series, but also to connect with the human side of these characters. It’ll peel away the layers, revealing that these Ancient Gods are just like us- struggling with family dynamics and workplace drama. It’ll bring comedy to history. It’ll put relationships over everything else. “It’s a story about fitting in. It’s about recognizing the line between whom you are and what the culture around you is trying to make you into. It’s not just about fighting the system- it’s what you do after you win, and what that says about you.” This is a story that anyone can relate to.

They have a goal in mind- to start releasing episodes around the holidays this year. With a six-episode season planned, Fletcher knows that they have so much to offer. “I just hope to tell as much of this story as I can. The possibilities for this world we’re building are basically endless. The six episodes we have written barely dip into this deep pool of mythology, we want to explore.” 

They need your help, though! Check out their twitter account (@panthyonseries), which will link you to their Kickstarter page, where they’re crowdfunding to get this series going. Fletcher, along with his cast and crew, have the framework of this web series. They have a killer location, a phenomenal plot, and the passion to back it up. With our help, they can spring this idea into action, and bring us a humorous story of Ancient Greek Gods we didn’t realize we needed until now.

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