PUBLIC Release New Single “Perfect”

In light of their upcoming debut full-length album, pop/rock band PUBLIC have released their new single “Perfect.” The song is dedicated to girls and women everywhere.

Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, the trio PUBLIC have been fanning the flames of eminence within just a year. The group consists of John Vaughn on lead vocals and guitar, Ben Lapps on drums, and Matt Alvarado on bass.

It wasn’t long until the band started playing major festivals including Forecastle, Bunbury, CMJ Music Marathon, and South by Southwest. Additionally, PUBLIC has supported other well-known groups such as Walk the Moon, Young the Giant, and twenty-one pilots. After gathering a hefty and diverse fan base, their independently-released single “Heartbeating” began trending on Hype Machine’s top Twitter tracks last year almost immediately after it dropped.

Now, PUBLIC has teamed up with TWIST Magazine to exclusively release their newest single “Perfect.” It is the first of three singles planned to be released before the group’s first full-length album drops in late fall/early winter. What makes this single so special, though, is the fact that it is dedicated to girls and women around the world.

Lead singer and guitarist John Vaughn states, “Obviously, there is no such thing as the ‘perfect’ standard. So with this song, we hope to communicate that girls should love who they are, that they should disregard and ignore what a lot of the popular media says about what makes a woman ‘attractive’ or ‘sexy’ and feel confident in their own skin, flaunting their own style and not worrying about fitting into that box that seems to be defined by Twitter, Instagram, and the like.”

Being a young woman faced with such things on social media and public settings every day, I have to say that it’s comforting to have people in such positions as the members of PUBLIC to respond with something so adversary to what has become the norm. Certainly, they aren’t the first artists or celebrities to come forth with statements like this, but the more to join against the stigma of how women, and people in general, are viewed in society means a better chance of finally eliminating such ridiculous standards that very few, if any, can actually attain.

To listen to “Perfect” now, please click here. Keep up on all the latest news on PUBLIC by following their social media accounts. For more music, please visit their BandCamp page.




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