Once Upon a Time Sneak Peek That Makes Me Hate Blimps

I have a new-found hatred for blimps.

Yesterday, the Once Upon a Time fandom received a sneak peek for the new episode ‘The Savior’ airing September 25. And can I just say how this was my favorite sneak peek in the history of sneak peeks? I’m not about to admit how many times I watched…(ok like ten times).  I dropped what I was doing and searched the web for this sneak peek. (Homework can wait. If my mom is reading this, I totally finished it). I hope it’s not too sad to say that was the best 57 seconds of my life. Until that stupid blimp came along. But Colin O’Donoghue and Jennifer Morrison sure do have excellent onscreen chemistry!

So let’s break it down, shall we?

Oh hey, it’s Emma’s house. *1 second later* Oh my gosh!

It’s cool. Your son is not around. Continue.

cscoffee once upon a time ouat emma captain swan

“Wait…my parents?” Not this time.

Conformed: Hook has a thing for her red leather jacket. Emma acts all surprised, but he tells her he likes the red leather jacket. Not that we’re all surprised. They have a matching thing going on with the leather jackets.

The whole “this is a family show” has been thrown out the window for a second. Which is cool. I’m not complaining.

Something bad is about to go down. Because of course. Although, it doesn’t seem like Emma notices it that much. However, Hook does notice something is wrong.

And this is where the whole fandom screams ‘BLOODY HELL.’

Emma was worried her son or parents would interrupt them. Ironically, it was a blimp. Out of all things…

As you can now see why I hate blimps so much. Here is the full video that you can now watch a million times. Not that I have been…No, that would be weird…What did you think of this sneak peek? I know 99 percent of the fandom freaked out last night. Okay, me included, but reasonably. Is it Sunday yet?



  1. I also now hate blimps. It was a wonderful scene otherwise! Those two deserve a lot more alone time & time to be happy! I adore them together. They’re my fave part of the show by far.

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