Indie-Pop Star Kenzie More Releases “Dear You” Exclusively with Paste Magazine

After a brilliant debut in 2015, Kenzie Moore returns ready to storm the music industry with her incredible vocal ability and positive attitude. With a sound that is comparable to such outstanding vocalists such as Adele, Alicia Keys, and Sia, Kenzie is thrilled to be partnering with Paste Magazine to debut her first full-length record tomorrow.

The single, “Body of Armor” (produced by Scotty Grand), is the first release from the 11-track album.  When relationships crumble, there is always that one friend, that one confidant, that one person who is always there to lean on, cry on, and to provide moral support; to be that someone’s armor. The song details an individual that is in love with her best friend and doesn’t mind being there for support, but wants to know when it is her time to be everything. It is the story of a battle if you will, a story of being the sole support while still allowing one’s heart to be open to new possibilities.

Kenzie comments:

I am so incredibly excited to release this album not only because it’s all new music, but also because there are so many stories that were put into all of the songs. I think that’s why people connect with it on an emotional level too. It’s been such an amazing experience overall and now I get to share it with the world!

Twenty-two year old Kenzie Moore, a singer/songwriter from Detroit, has been making music for as long as she can remember. While swimming in Florida one summer, she talks about a distinct memory she has of innocently singing “The Little Mermaid.” A woman approached her and told her she has such a beautiful voice; it turned out the woman was the one and only, Celine Dion. Taking Dion’s advice to heart, Moore began singing in choirs, in musicals, and in any other opportunity that came her way.

Moore began playing the piano at a very young age. She is self-taught and can learn almost any song simply by ear. When Kenzie turned nineteen, she studied opera and vocal performance in Rome for five months. This incredible experience further inspired Moore to work toward her ultimate goal.

With a writing style that is heavily influenced by her personal experiences and love of books; Moore credits some of music’s most powerful women, Adele, Alicia Keys, and Sia, with inspiring her ambitions. She hopes that her music can transcend societal strata and barriers, and that everyone “both young and old, dog lovers, math haters, coffee addicts, and more” can enjoy the ‘Stories’ she tells. In fact, her memorable debut EP, ‘Stories,’ reached #69 on the iTunes indie charts on the day it was released.

Moore eats, sleeps, and breathes music but also found time to graduate with honors and a BBA in Finance from Loyola University Chicago. She is one determined young woman, and she genuinely loves the process of songwriting and creating a poetic narrative with which everyone can relate.

Although Kenzie’s real name is Mackenzie, she prefers to go by Kenzie, both in and out of the music world:

I have a very dry sense of humor; I come from that small town, with a big family.  I’ve had the same best friends for 20 years, and our moms are best friends.

You can listen to a couple of Kenzie’s songs by clicking the links below.  Once you hear her complex melodies and powerful lyrics you will want to follow Kenzie on social media as well!






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