ECLIPSE First Issue Rushed for Second Printing

From Image Comics and Top Cow Productions, ECLIPSE has rapidly grown in popularity and demand. In a future where sunlight can kill, a murderer surfaces who uses that once-lifegiving light to kill. A solar power engineer must protect a solar power mogul’s daughter from this killer in this new series by Zack Kaplan and Giovanni Timpano.

Because of the high customer demand for this innovative comic, ECLIPSE #1 is being fast-tracked for a second printing of its first issue, due to hit comic book stores just one week after ECLIPSE #2. (Issue #2 is being released October 5; Issue #1 returns to stores October 12.)

For those who can’t wait for the reprinting to land at their local comic book store, ECLIPSE #1 is still available across all digital platforms, including, the Image Comics iOS app,, and of course iOS, Android, and Google Play.

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