Echo Black Release Music Video for “Chemicals”

New York-based pop-rock band Echo Black has released a new music video for their song “Chemicals” exclusively through Billboard.

Formed in 2015 by lead vocalist Danny Blu, Echo Black has been creating music that takes from both the individual members as well as classic and modern influences of the industry. The four-piece band is comprised of Danny Blu on vocals, Felix Skiver playing guitar, Rob Gnarly on bass, and drummer Billy Long. Each member has their own contribution to the sound and style of the group.

Similar to other major modern artists, like Lady Gaga, fashion plays a significant role in relaying who Echo Black is as a band. As they see it, fashion can greatly impact the way music is conveyed by either adding to certain aspects such as mood and intensity, or taking away from it if something isn’t designed or worn properly.

For the “Chemicals” video, the members seamlessly change outfits numerous times. Most notably, Blu at one point covers the top portion of his face with a jewel-embellished mask as he continues the lyrical story. My interpretation of this is multiple things. As the storyline tells of a lost love, the mask could symbolize something of being blinded, whether it be by love or grief or your own delusions of how the world should be instead of its reality. The covering is a successful addition to the wardrobe that facilitates the plot of the song.

“Chemicals” was written in collaboration with producers Matt Squire (Kesha, Ariana Grande, One Direction) and Andros Rodriguez (Whitney Houston, Shakira, Justin Timberlake). Chris Newhard — who has worked with Sia, Jesse J, and Train — was called to direct the video. However, what makes the video especially influential is the fact that a homosexual relationship between two females brings the lyrics to life.

When asked by Billboard about the decision to feature a same-sex relationship in the video, Blu answered, “Think of all the incredible, groundbreaking videos that depict heterosexual relationships. Now tell us why same-sex relationships shouldn’t be portrayed in the same context of ‘rock-tragedy’ as often as their heterosexual counterparts? The fact that you’re even asking this question makes it, in our opinion, all the more captivating.”

Check out the video for “Chemicals” below:


Echo Black has one show coming up on Tuesday, September 27th, at Webster Hall in New York. The show will also feature Wednesday 13 and One-Eyed Doll.

For more information on Echo Black, please visit their website at There you can find their first two singles “Perfect” (featuring Telle Smith), and “Burn Another Day” (featuring Davey Suicide). For all the latest news on Echo Black, stay connected via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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