Cover Wars: San Francisco – The Mowgli’s

urlLos Angeles alternative rockers The Mowgli’s released “San Francisco” in October 2012, on their EP “Love’s Not Dead” (which was a remixed version of their independently released “Sound the Drum”). It was an iTunes single of the week, and the band performed it live on Jimmy Kimmel Live. In mid-October, the San Francisco Giants began playing the song “San Francisco” during their games and using it in some of their team videos. The Giants went on to make the song a part of their theme as they took the 2012 World Series in a 4–0 sweep against the Detroit Tigers.

The song was written during an impromptu visit to Francisco by Michael Vincze and Colin Dieden. The positive message of love and doing right by each other has been embraced by activists of many different ilks. It is the perfect musical antidote to the troubled times we live in…come on, feel the love, let it pour out of your soul!

Here are five covers of San Francisco:

Embee Sings: 

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The Project: 



Counting Clockwise:


Danielle and Alex: 


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