Book Review: The Devil’s Work by Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards writes psychological thrillers – good ones.  The Devil’s Work is his most recent release, and he has once again hit it out of the park with his storytelling ability.  This novel will have you identifying a bunch of red herrings and heading down blind alleys in search of the truth of its plot before all is finally revealed.  The reveal is as tense and frightening as any devout reader of thrillers would like it to be and the mystery at its core equally as creepy.  This is a devil of a work to put down…

After landing the job she’d wanted since childhood, Sophie Greenwood goes quickly from elation to suspicion as the job forces her to dig up images from her past that she has had locked away.  As her memories begin to make their way closer and closer to the surface, Sophie’s life, a life she had been happy with, starts to show signs of strain and tarnished edges.  Exactly what has Sophie buried and why are questions that are answered as the story unfolds.

Mark Edwards has the gift of breaking chapters at exactly the right place – the place where you, the reader, cannot possibly stop reading.  You’ll hear your inner voice chanting, ‘one more chapter; I’ll read one more chapter,’ until you’ve finished the book in one or two sittings.  His prose is addictive and the emotions he evokes from his readers exhilarating.

If you love tense and tightly written psychological thrillers, you will love Mark’s work.  Go ahead and get a copy of The Devil’s Work and once you’ve, finished the book (too quickly I’m sure) go back and read the rest of his catalog.  You won’t be disappointed.


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