5 Remarkable Things About New Girl’s Season 6 Premiere

Last night marked the return of New Girl for its much anticipated sixth season. Season five, if you remember, said goodbye while Cece and Schmidt tied the knot. Season six starts about two months after the big event and finds the couple house hunting -hence the name of the episode- and the rest of the gang, in general, moving on with their lives: Nick in New Orleans, even though he comes back earlier than expected; and Winston trying to make it work long-distance with Aly.

But what can we highlight from the first episode of season six of such a beloved and “adorkable” sitcom? Keep reading!


  1. Zooey Deschanel’s directorial debut
    Yes, pals! House Hunt is the first New Girl episode to be directed by our leading lady herself, Zooey Deschanel. About how she managed to both act and direct not only herself but also her partners, the actress turned director told EW, “we have a really collaborative set anyway, I’ve been working with everyone for six years, so it was a really good experience.” Plus, she also mentioned how it was easy to direct the main cast as they’ve grown incredibly familiar with their own characters over the last six years, so there was nothing much to add to the mix when it comes to them. “They know their characters so well, there’s not a huge amount of adjustment that they would need. […] But the main actors, it’s just kind of more small adjustments and figuring out how the story is told visually.” (Link to the original article here)
  2. Schmidt being… Schmidt
    One of the trademarks of the show is, obviously Schmidt’s neurotic and controlling self, which must be hell to deal with in person, but as a viewer, it’s just really hilarious, so it was pretty nice to see how married life hasn’t changed that about the character. Of course, he was going to be peculiar about house hunting: cooking eggs before making an offer, trying the shower, saying “on fleek” about different rooms in the house. Ahh, good old Schmidt.
  3. Jess being… “old Jess the mess”
    The term “old Jess the mess” is self-proclaimed by Jess Day herself, but it has never been more true. While we love it when Jess succeeds at whatever she’s trying to achieve, and it may look like we’re pretty bad humans, we just love Jess at her worst: from a comedic point of view, she’s at her best. This time, to deal with these new-found feelings for Nick, she takes up different activities, such as woodworking, joining the gym, learning Portuguese and even turning herself into Cece and Schmidt’s real estate agent.
  4. The bank scenes
    Look, while I just love sitcoms in general and watch a fair share of them, very few have actually made me laugh out loud. Only four, actually: Baby Daddy, Friends, How I Met Your Mother and, obviously, New Girl. In this episode, the laughter was sponsored by the scenes at the bank, from Jess hiding from Nick to the banker thinking Jess was a bank robber. It made me laugh almost as much as when Nick said Jess only has “one friend, named Cece” when she was lying to him about meeting a made up friend named Didi. Hilarious.
  5. The gang (heart eyes)
    While the show probably started off as a sitcom mainly focused on the dorky and lovable Jess Day, it quickly became a funny and exaggerated story about one of the most beloved gangs of friends on TV at the moment. The episode is all about how everyone is moving forward in their lives, so that makes you think the bond is about to be broken. Wrong. It was really, really nice to see them all come together at Cece and Schmidt’s new (and ruined) place to tear it all down. Cheers to our favorite weirdos!



What did you think of the return of New Girl? What are your hopes and fears for this season? In my opinion, it’s going to be interesting to navigate through all of these unresolved feelings between Jess and Nick without falling into the same old storylines we’ve seen on TV a thousand times. Luckily, and seeing how they’ve succeeded at pretty much most of the plots they’ve come up with, we’re sure they will manage to make it all believable and, in the meanwhile, hilarious!

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