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Latest Single, “Frantic Believer,” Released by New Language

On the heels of the release of their first video for the song “Wake Up,” New Language has unveiled their latest video offering. “Frantic Believer” is made up of thousands of pictures from the Los Angeles area pieced together into their latest video.

“’Frantic Believer’ is an exploration of the uncertainty surrounding death and how that relates to unsound beliefs while religions push the fear of the afterlife as a means to drive belief,” said singer Tyler Demorest. “Particularly relating to the innate human desire to be reconnected with loved ones lost throughout a lifetime.”

New Language has built a following touring with The Used the past couple of months. With the momentum behind this tour and the release of “Wake Up” and “Frantic Believer,” New Language is setting up to end the year strong and make 2017 a big year for the band.

Written by Nathan Badley

When Nathan is not writing about music, he might be writing material for his often neglected blog at Or he might be writing something else. Or podcasting. Or playing music. Most likely he is just watching TV thinking about how he should be doing those things. You can tweet him @badlandsbadley and congratulate him on his mad 3rd person writing skills.


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