Five Reasons to Watch “Once Upon a Time” Season 6

Once Upon a Time season 6 is returning September 25. I, for one, could not be more excited to dive into another season in Storybrooke. Here are my top five reasons to watch season 6. Of course, I could list more than five, but for the sake of not writing a novel-length post, I will limit my reasons.

Emma and Hook

Okay, I may be a little biased when it comes to shipping Captain Swan, but they are enough of a reason to tune in for season 6. With Zeus having resurrected Hook, we should be expecting some bliss between these two. Maybe they’ll move in together like they talked about in the beginning of season 5. Perhaps one of them will pop the question. After all, it can’t be a coincident that every time they kiss in front of Granny’s, there’s always a wedding dress in the background (nudge, nudge Hook). I also hope we get the two of them battling villains together this season. And I can only hope that Hook won’t be dying anytime soon. Three times is more than enough! Maybe it’s time for the Captain to join the Storybrooke workforce. (My hope is he gets a job at the sheriff’s station as Emma’s deputy)


Aladdin, Jasmine, and Jafar are coming to Storybrooke, and I could not be more excited. Growing up on Disney movies, I always found that Aladdin was one of the more unique twists on princes and princesses. I can’t wait to see the role they will play in the real world. They’re about to see a whole new world, that’s for sure.

The Evil Queen is back

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I loved Evil Queen Regina. When I first started watching the show, Regina, evil Regina, was my favorite character. She was insane and just plain evil. By the way, Lana Parrilla played her, I couldn’t help but love her evilness. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed when Regina started going soft. During the season 5 finale when Regina decided to ‘destroy’ the Evil Queen, I was hoping that that wouldn’t be the final time we saw her majesty. Thankfully we will be seeing more of the Evil Queen this season, trying to take away the heroes happy endings. Because it just would not be Storybrooke if there wasn’t some villain running around reeking havoc. Not to mention with the arrival of Mr. Hyde, things aren’t going to be happy-go-lucky.

Savior Mythology

Is Emma Swan the only Savior? Were there more before her? According to interviews with Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis, viewers will be finding out the mythology of saviors. Since season 1, Emma was destined to be the Savior. She was the only one who could break the curse hovering over Storybrooke. Since then, we haven’t really learned much about where it stemmed from. Not to mention Emma doesn’t know much about it herself.

Colin O’Donoghue’s accent

I believe this is enough of a reason to tune in for season 6. Even though Colin is from Ireland, he does such a great British accent. With his witty lines, the accent just adds so much to his character. If we’re being completely honest, his accent is a big reason why I’m such a fan of the show… There is nothing more I love than a brooding pirate with a British accent!

Is there another reason why you might be tuning in for season 6? Maybe you just want to talk things all ONCE, then feel free to tweet me at MeMadeline2. I’m always up for talking about the show!


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