BrainDead Episodes 9 & 10: Get Back to the Bugs


The last couple of episodes of BrainDead have been really slow. There’s been barely any mention of the space bugs. Instead, the episodes have followed Laurel’s love life and Luke’s philandering. There’s also been some mention of a war with Syria and the mysterious room SRB-54. In fact, much of episode 9 was taken up by people knocking on the door to SRB-54. That and Gareth slut shaming Laurel. Then there’s Red shooting someone point-blank in the head and saving his brain to eat for later.

Episode 10 wasn’t much better. Laurel and Gareth are still on the outs but Laurel stops a campaign ad from running that would embarrass him. She also makes the campaign ad ten times better than the original director, though he, of course, gets the credit.

All that we really got out of the episodes is that Red and Ella are working together to lead the extremists to start a war. Luke is being a complete douche bag and cheating on his pregnant wife. Oh and that pregnant wife and her baby might be infected with space bugs.

For the most part, it’s all been drawn out set-up and filler content. Most of what happened could have been cut out or jammed into another episode.

There’s also been a lack of Gustav in the past couple of episodes, who is responsible for most of the show’s funniest moments. Even in other episodes where the plot wasn’t strong, Gustav’s presence and his dialogue with the other characters makes it worth watching. Less interesting is the dramatic love lives of the other characters (that includes whatever the hell Red and Ella have going on).

According to the preview for next week things are about to get more interesting, and I still want to see what they’re planning for Laurel and Team. But for the most part, these past two episodes can be skipped without missing much.

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