Book Review: Dating An Alien Pop Star by Kendra Saunders

I have to be honest — I adored this fast-paced fantasy/sci-fi/romance comedy so much I devoured it in one sitting and am already pestering the author for Book Two.

Daisy is “a few months on the wrong side of 29” living in New York City after spending a year following her favorite band on tour. (Does that sound like anyone you know? Someone who at 55 is still following her favorite band on tour?) Griffin and Dev are aliens from another planet. Griff has a bet to settle with his dad before he hunkers down and starts ruling the planet along with an arranged marriage to a ghastly dragon lady (we’re not talking Daenerys here), and he wants to meet David Bowie (the book was written before Bowie passed, and I kept thinking how crushed Griff will be when he finds out. Although as crazy as Griff is, I wouldn’t rule out alien resurrection in Book Two – Book Two, Ms. Saunders! Posing as British pop stars, they commandeer (I refuse to say kidnap, because the young lady gets into it pretty quickly, because Griff is just too adorkable and his fashion sense deplorable and he does need serious intervention) Daisy to help Griff dress his pop persona and navigate New York City. She doesn’t realize she’s about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

This book has it all -great characters, science fantasy, adventure, intrigue, and romance. It’s a light-hearted read, but also has some subtle, relevant social commentary. The author’s love of music shines through at every turn. There are some truly moving romantic passages, as Griff’s home world has different ideals about mating. Griff himself is a lovable goof, so arrogant at first as he tries too hard to act like a spoiled, debauched pop star. Dev is his ever loyal cousin, the straight man to Griff’s antics, and there’s Kammie (Daisy’s best friend and Dev’s romantic interest) who owns a small recording studio. Things are looking good for the team….until another alien ship is detected. It becomes a race against time to save both Griff and earth, but Daisy is beginning to love every minute of it….and quite possibly Griff too…

I came away from the book feeling like I had made new friends, and in discussion, I talk about them as if they were real people. Sigh. I wish they were! I need an alien pop star to date!

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