Alt-Blues Rockers Blonde Roses Unveil New Video Exclusively on Huffington Post

Alternative blues rock band Blonde Roses debuted the music video for “Bullet,” the first single from their yet untitled EP. The Louisiana-based band partnered exclusively with the Huffington Post to launch the video.

“Bullet” is a scorching song about femme fatale caught in an endless cycle of seduction and destruction. Blonde Roses is a band that delivers honest and gut-punching lyrics to honor the encompassing beauty and deadliness of life. The song originally appeared on Consequence of Sound, a popular media website.

The four-piece band, fronted by singer Molly Portier, who has a voice to be reckoned with, have been lifelong friends, influenced by sounds from the 60’s and 70’s. Mix in a hefty dose of gritty rock and roll, and you have a unique sound waiting to conquer. With a certain rawness -and a knack for creating songs that are vulnerable and relatable, Blonde Roses is ready to show their fans what they’ve been hard at work on.

The video for “Bullet,” posted on the Huffington Post, was filmed in the heart of Louisiana by John Paul Summers of Infinite Focus. He says of the video:

The idea of processing disappointment and recovering from heartbreak, and the cyclical tones of the lyrics opened up the door to telling the story of a total badass woman who preys on married men, specifically cheating married men. I was really drawn to the idea that our black widow character is really getting revenge on other men who are hurting the women that love them. In the video we see imagery of her victims wife. I love this moment at the end where the lyric “now run for your life” plays over a framed picture of the victim’s family, as if she’s protecting them.

Lead singer Molly Portier continues:

I want our fans to feel like they aren’t alone in feeling alone at times. But I want to them to also know that it’s going to be ok even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time. That there’s something bigger and better waiting for you if you look hard enough. Life isn’t always going to be easy, but it’s a blessing.

Portier goes on to say, “Even when things seem really tough, there’s always that light at the end of the tunnel that keeps you going. It’s up to you whether you run to it or stay in place.”

Portier claims she channeled Uma Thurman in “Kill Bill” for her portrayal of the bad-ass woman she portrays in the music video.

Portier is 24 years old and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Industry Studies from Loyola University. Her band mates include drummer Anthony Mikhael, guitarist Harry Rosenberg, and bassist Albert Moliere, all natives of Lafayette, Louisiana.

Huffington Post goes on to detail the band’s origins and their struggles getting off the ground.

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