Alexander Releases Self-Titled Debut EP with Paste Magazine

unnamed-1Nashville’s self-taught singer/songwriter Alexander has partnered with Paste Magazine to unveil his self-titled debut EP. To celebrate, all five songs will be streamed via the magazine’s website, The EP debuted Friday, August 12th and combines multiple genres to create a fusion of pure pop and soulful R&B, with lyrics that tackle happiness, struggle, relationships and everything in between to create heartfelt, passionate, and relatable storylines. With over a decade of honing his craft and sound, Alexander has created an EP with a sound similar to Jason Derulo with a dash of Nick Jonas pop. There’s much passion and honesty within the EP’s five tracks. Growing up Alexander found his musical inspiration in rock legends such as Aerosmith, Queen and Led Zeppelin with a hint of pop-punk classics Blink 182 and New Found Glory. He credits his love for varying genres to the punchy pop tracks he creates today. The EP released features Christian Fiore, Brittany Lane, Thomas Bracciale, and Brooke Williams as co-writers.

Growing up in a household full of musicians, Alexander quickly found a passion for all things musical. At a young age, he was enrolled in piano lessons and learned the essentials of reading music. As a pre-teen, he fell in love with the art of songwriting. At the age of 12, he was gifted with his first guitar, and took the stage for the first time at 15. Alexander attended Berklee College of Music where he studied Audio Production. Today, he plays a variety of guitars including Fender, Gibson and runs Ableton Live for programming.

Alexander creates lyrics that are passionate and relatable. He explains, “I want my listeners to relate with me through my struggles, and also through my happiness. I want them to know that they’re loved and to give them hope.” He continues, “I love writing stories, but I definitely write mostly about things that are happening in my life. It helps me cope with the problems I’m facing. Not just to complain about them, but putting them on paper sometimes helps me deal with them.” He delivers his lyrics in a voice as rich and smooth as warm honey.

From the debut EP comes the single/music video for “Can’t Sleep Without You,” a tune about losing someone close to you and feeling the urge to ease one’s mind. Alexander expands, “This song is about those times after a breakup when you get so comfortable and used to someone being there, then, suddenly, they’re not there anymore. They’re haunting your dreams, your thoughts, and it’s inescapable. Your bed isn’t the same without them. You can’t sleep because of it, and so you just want to drive somewhere. In this song, I wanted to display imagery of someone not being able to sleep, becoming an insomniac because of the person they’ve lost. So they just drive. They don’t have a destination in mind.”

You can stream the EP here, as well as view the video for “Can’t Sleep Without You”.

On August 31 Alexander will host an EP release show in Nashville. Stay connected to Alexander for further details and updates. The EP can also be purchased via iTunes and


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