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The CMDWN Debuts Latest Single, “Feelin’ It”


With just over two weeks left before the release of their debut EP, Doubt, The CMDWN has joined with to release their latest single. “Feelin’ It” follows the alternative R&B format that the group has become known for.

“Not everyone learns or finds themselves in the same ways, and sometimes it takes the most unconventional events to get you to that point,” the band said of the song’s theme. “This song is about finding that unexpected confidence in yourself.”

Feelin’ It” follows the release of “Shiver,” “Empty Room” and “Ro$es” as singles from Doubt. Throughout the release of these singles, The CMDWN has shown themselves to be a unique feature in the musical world, combining their modern R&B influences with alternative rock influences. This sound has allowed them to perform alongside bands like Linkin Park and Weezer at the LoudWire Music Festival earlier this year.

The EP, set to be released August 19, is available for preorder now. You can hear “Feelin’ It” at now or watch the video below!

Written by Nathan Badley

When Nathan is not writing about music, he might be writing material for his often neglected blog at Or he might be writing something else. Or podcasting. Or playing music. Most likely he is just watching TV thinking about how he should be doing those things. You can tweet him @badlandsbadley and congratulate him on his mad 3rd person writing skills.


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