The Top 10 Juliette Barnes Songs on ABC’s Nashville

When ABC announced Nashville‘s cancellation in early May, the soap still had two episodes to air, which were two of the best episodes of the series. Unfortunately, the seemingly series finale before the show had made its way onto another network left the fate of country star Juliette Barnes in the air. Literally.

Her plane back to Nashville to reunite with Avery and their daughter, Cadence, sent out a distress call, went off the grid, and never landed.

With the show returning for Season 5, and star Hayden Panettiere signing on at CMT, it’s likely that Juliette Barnes will survive one of the worst moments of her entire life. She can’t catch a break; she’s struggling with her career being murdered by lies and slander, her mother dying in a murder/suicide, and most recently, she struggled with postpartum depression, which in turn ruined her relationship with the father of her child.

While we’re still unsure about the fate of Juliette, as her apparent signing on for Season 5 could be a rouse to keep suspicion alive for the new move to the CMT network and Hulu, the almost-cancellation of the show reignited my love for it, and for the music. Repeatedly, they’ve made great music, relatable music, it’s no surprise that the cast has embarked on a sold out tour this summer.

ABC made a mistake, but it’s great that another network fixed their mistake.

Below, let’s relive the wondrous music of Juliette Barnes, who may never live to sing again in the adaptation of the city of music.

10.“Nothing In This World Will Ever Break My Heart Again”

After her mother’s murder/suicide, Juliette closed out Season 1 with the beautiful melody in the wake of her mother’s death. She never had the easiest life, but she worked her ass off to get to where she was, which left her alone in the end.

9. “What If It’s You”

One of the songs she wrote as she fell into her depression. It was terrible for her but did wonders for her music.

8. “Trouble Is”

When the world turned against her for the Charlie/Olivia Wentworth divorce, Juliette’s concert was upstaged by a sign that read ‘home wrecker,’ almost ruining her show. If it wasn’t for Avery, she would’ve known more about what Trouble Is.

7. “Boy and Buses

It may be one of her country/pop songs from the early show, but it’s so light-hearted and fun. A side we may never see of Juliette.

6. “Hole in the World”

As she returned home from rehab, Juliette Barnes had to revive her relationships with those closest to her. She needed their forgiveness, and that started with Glen, her manager, who had always been like a father to her.

5. “Tell That Devil

She went through hell and came out on top.

4. “Love Like Mine

Another one of her teen-bop country songs, but it’s fantastic. Juliette had great music in her past, present, and future.

3. “Mississippi Flood

Who just decides to have a random, rooftop comeback concert? Juliette Barnes, that’s who.

2. “Telescope”

The song has had at least three renditions on Nashville, but this is the only one that really matters. Sorry Lennon and Maisy, you’re great, but Hayden Panettiere is just greater. You can watch the music video below to see what a star Panettiere is. It’s surprising she didn’t get her own music career started in her Disney days.

1. “Don’t Put Dirt On My Grave

So to all of you out there who want me to beg for forgiveness, who want to burn my records and cancel my concerts, who want to put my career in the ground… This one’s for you.

Possibly the greatest song to come out of Nashville, Juliette Barnes performed this manifesto song on her induction night to the Grand Ole Opry, after weeks of being outcasted by her fans, and being slandered by every news outlet for something she didn’t even say.

This should be the theme song of the show. After all, just when we thought it was over, it’s been revived for a 22-episode Season 5 airing on CMT and streaming on Hulu this fall.

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