The First Look at The Flash Season 3 at SDCC

After the decision to save his mother in the season 2 finale, everything in Barry’s world has changed to become Flashpoint. Even though both of his parents are now alive and well, he has now lost all connection to the West family.

Joe has become just someone who he works at the station with, and Iris has become just someone who he went to school with. That’s right, after waiting two whole seasons for the WestAllen moment that happened at the end of last season, all of that progress has been erased. The upcoming season will explore how everything has changed in this new world.

A few other changes to expect in the upcoming season are that Cisco has become the richest man in America as the head of Ramon Industries. Eodard Thawne is still alive since Barry stopped him before he could kill his mother. We will also be introduced to a new villain named Alchemy and Wally West makes his debut as the beloved Kid Flash.

The Flash Season 3 will premiere on Tuesday, October 4th at 8 pm on the CW. To hold you over until then, you can watch the trailer that they showed during The Flash’s Comic-Con panel below.

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