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Not many people have a close friend that is 23 years apart from them in age. But, this is the case for Joey Bragg and Kurt Long. This is the inspiration for their new podcast “Dudes of Future/Past.”

Let me just start by saying I was never really one for podcasts. It’s not that I didn’t like them, it’s just that none of them ever jumped out at me, until now.

In “Dudes of Future/Past,” Joey and Kurt explore any and every topic you can think of. With more than two decades separating them, they discuss aspects of life from each of their perspectives, and how things are different and still continue to change. What follows is about an hour of great conversation.

Aside from a simple, yet profound topic, the talent behind the podcast is incredible. Both Joey Bragg and Kurt Long are actors on Disney Channel’s “Liv And Maddie” – Bragg plays Joey Rooney and Long plays Johnny Nimbus. The dynamic between the two keeps the podcast steadily moving with quippy, intelligent give-and-take. More than that, it’s genuine. Neither one is afraid to be himself or speak freely. While I love them both on LAM, it’s refreshing to get a look at their real personalities, outside of the G-rated realm.

Not only is the podcast funny and entertaining, it’s also relatable, humbling and enlightening. In their debut episode, the duo delved into the topic of technology. As a millennial listening to the conversation, it was easy to connect with Joey Bragg’s experiences. I felt the same horror he did when looking back on my old Facebook messages. I had to text using T9 for a while, and yeah, it was awful. Listening to the podcast didn’t feel like listening to some celebrity ramble on about his life growing up in the business.

At the same time, I learned a lot from Kurt Long’s insights. I would never have thought that saying the word “fag” on television was ever accepted. Kurt is able to explain how he grew up doing things differently, without being condescending. Combining that with his comedic abilities, the information is easier to process for any listeners on the younger end of the spectrum.

Further strengthening their connection to their listeners, the duo takes suggestions. You can directly request topics for discussion via Twitter. So, you can ask about something you don’t have any insight on but would like to learn, or pick something you know plenty about and see how their experiences differ from yours. It’s hard not to feel included in the conversation, even if you aren’t there in person.

Really, there’s no “target” demographic for this podcast. Anyone, any age, can (and should) listen. Whether you want to understand those around you a bit more, or just have a laugh from two funny guys, “Dudes of Future/Past” is a great addition to your playlist.

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