Photos of Keiynan Lonsdale as Kid Flash Released

Ever since Keiynan Lonsdale made his debut as Wally West, the long-lost son of Joe West, The Flash fans have eagerly awaited Kid Flash. Our wait has just gotten a little shorter with a sneak peek of Wally in his Kid Flash costume. We also have been told that Kid Flash will make his first appearance on the season premiere entitled, “Flashpoint.”

The costume turns out to be very faithful to the uniform Wally wore in the popular Young Justice cartoon. There is no way fans of Kid Flash can complain about this new incarnation.


At the end of season two Wally was hit with the storm of energy that gave Barry back his powers. Is that how Wally got his speed? Will he already have his powers when Barry gets back from the past? Is Barry going to the past why Wally got them?

There are so many questions and season 3 can’t come soon enough to answer them all. Do you have a theory on how Wally becomes a speedster? Let us know in the comments.

The Flash season 3 will premiere on October 4th on The CW.

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