Jack Newsome Releases “Bellevue” Single

Jack Newsome Bellevue

Up and coming pop singer/producer Jack Newsome has recently released his new single “Bellevue” exclusively on Girls’ Life.

At the ripe age of 19, the singer from New Jersey has written  a number of songs, but has admitted that “Bellevue” is his most nostalgic.

“‘Bellevue’ is the most sentimental song I’ve written, bar none. To be honest, I had never cried while writing a song until this one. I like to play cool and stay guarded when writing, but I had no walls when I wrote this one,” Newsome began when he was asked about the writing process for the single.

“Bellevue” opens up with a 5-second clip of a motivational speech that Newsome gave when he was a child. It then immediately jumps into a dreamy pop anthem that reminisces on a childhood well missed, but also well appreciated.

“The song is all about driving by the house I grew up on, and remembering when my parents were still married,”  confided Newsome.

As a child, the singer would perform for his family, putting on shows in which he would sing and dance. From this, Newsome would go on to be signed to the boy-band NY5 when he was just 15. Then, after a year and a half, the young singer became a member of the international boy-band New District, from which he would split after a year to pursue his solo career and education at the Berklee College of Music. Admittedly, this is when Newsome became nostalgic for his childhood home, something that affects a majority of us when we begin the venture from the familiar for the first time.

Newsome also took the song as  a method of furthering his skills as not only a songwriter, but as a producer as well.

“The chorus-style vocals are reminiscent of Imogen Heap, a huge influence of mine. The song sounds good with just a guitar or a piano, but I wanted to liven it up with some electronic production. I wanted to challenge myself as a producer and an artist,” Newsome said.

Check out Jack Newsome’s new single on Girls’ Life, or head to his SoundCloud for more music. Visit the artist’s website at jacknewsome.com. You can follow Jack Newsome and keep updated on his news by visiting his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

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