Human Flesh Is on the Menu in CANNIBAL

It’s a dog-eat-dog world these days…or rather a man-eat-man world, after a virus hits a small Everglades town in the new series from Image Comics, CANNIBAL. Due out in October, CANNIBAL follows a town plagued by a flesh-craving virus. There is no known cure, but one family–the Hansens–has a solution: kill them all…until, that is, someone close to them becomes infected.

Brought to you by author Brian Buccellato, Jennifer Young, and artist Matias Bergara, Young describes CANNIBAL as “an anti-apocalypse story because mankind is too stubborn to give in.” Unlike most current zombie/cannibalism-virus fare, the infected in CANNIBAL are remorseful about the insatiable urge to eat human flesh, and they feel racked with guilt over their actions.

CANNIBAL #1 hits comic stores October 5–just in time for Halloween!

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