Exclusive Interview with From States Away Guitarist Bennett Pisaniello


The New York pop-punk quintet From States Away has had an insane year! After the success of their debut EP, “We’re All Lost Too”, their latest album Hypervigilant is now set to be released on July 8th. The band also released a new music video for the first single “Fight or Flight”, which you can view below!

If you enjoy pop punk music like Real Friends and State Champs, you have officially found your new favorite band. Hypervigilant is a five track EP which strikes a great balance of upbeat, sonic attacks with powerful anthems. After listening to their latest album, Talk Nerdy With Us is sure From States Away is on their way to become a monster success. We were lucky enough to talk with Bennett about their new album and what is coming up next!

You released your debut album, We’re All Lost Too, a little over a year ago and since then have been touring, promoting, and yet somehow you found the time to write and record a new album and film a music video for “Fight or Flight”. How did you find the time to do that?!

(laughs) When it is a project like this for us, we have been playing music even before we knew each other, forever. Music is such a fun thing for us that it is easy to find the time. We want so badly to just go and practice, even. It’s just that much fun for us. It makes it a lot easier to find time to schedule things and make it happen.

After going through everything last year promoting your debut album, is there anything you learned or took away from the first time around that you would apply or change going into the debut of ‘Hypervigilent’?

Absolutely. The first time around there were lots of things we were not able to do being that it was our first release. When you release something as a new band it is more to your friends and people you know. Over the last year we have been able to gain fans and people who generally love the music. This time around we are able to do things like pre-order and have a video done before the music comes out.

The whole process has been a lot easier and I guess in the whole band world, it makes a lot more sense because we are able to do it this way.

Whenever you are promoting an album and releasing an EP, it is an arduous and grueling process, but is there something you are most looking forward to?

Absolutely, I am personally looking forward to playing the songs live. We have been away for the past six months writing, recording, and keeping things quiet.  Just releasing the video has been incredible. Just getting one song out to the public has been incredible. We are definitely looking forward to getting a chance to play the songs, getting people’s reactions and feedback.

Speaking of which, you just released the video for “Fight or Flight”, which is so fantastic by the way. What sort of reactions have you been seeing?

We have all been overwhelmed with people commenting solely on the video, or on the video and the song. When we finished the video and we saw the shots right there, we were just blown away.  We have been hearing from everyone: friend, family, fans. It has been really positive.

Have you decided on a tour schedule yet or are you in talks to set up dates so we can see you live soon?

Yes, we actually have been working on a run for the end of summer to hit some of the Northeastern spots we have hit in the past. We are working with venues and bands right now to get it all wrapped up right now.

Is there a venue you didn’t get to play last year that you are really hoping to play this year?

Last year we didn’t get to hit Rhode Island at all, and this year that is one of the places we are talking about right now for the end of summer. So we are excited to get there.

Can you tell me about your Warped Tour experience?

We weren’t expecting to get to play. At the time it was our fifth show as a band together and it was just an unbelievable experience. It was the best show we played as a band because it was our fifth show. Usually when I go to see a Warped Show (I have been going for years and years) I am getting to see all my favorite bands. Usually I am there to just see my favorite bands , but last year I didn’t even care, I was just so excited to be there promoting and playing . The Wonder Years were the only band I think I got to watch because I was so excited. It was really great and we would love to be back.

That was so exciting to see you play at Warped! Final question. Since we are Talk Nerdy With Us,  is there one thing that is nerdy about you or the band?

Oh ya, I can comment on me and Chris. Personally I am a huge, stupid Batman fan. (laughs) Mainly Batman, but all Marvel and DC. I have read the Batman comics, obsessed over the Batman vs. Superman movie, even though the reviews were not great, but the extended version just came out and I am really excited to watch that. Anything comic book I am obsessed with. Chris, our singer, is really into Anime with a lot of titles I am not familiar with, but he could talk about it for hours.

Hypervigilent will be released on July 8th, but you can keep up with the band through their Facebook and Twitter accounts for updated info and tour schedules.


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