Exclusive Interview with Echo Black Frontman Danny Blu


Founded in 2015 by frontman Danny Blu, Echo Black has quickly begun making their mark in the pop/rock world. Since their founding, the band has teamed up with Revolver to release “Burn Another Day” and toured with Davey Suicide.

Now the band has premiered their latest single, “Perfect.” Blu sat down to answer a few questions about the single and the band’s future.

You’ve listed a variety of influences ranging from Marilyn Manson to Alkaline Trio and beyond. Who would you say was the biggest influence on “Perfect”?

Oddly enough, “Perfect” was written (vocally) about 5 years ago. I couldn’t even begin to tell you what music was on my mind back then, but it was probably a good amount of Lady Gaga. (laughs). When I write melodies, I try to listen to as many different genres as I can. It helps me to incorporate different themes and feelings into the music. 

What did Telle Smith bring to the track?

Telle brought some magic to the track. The song is written to be schizophrenic on purpose and Telle really understood that and took it to a new level. His voice is a bit harsher than mine and that proved to be quite the asset on this track.

“Perfect” is your second single after “Burn Another Day.” What were the differences in writing and recording the two tracks?

“Burn” was written all together as a full band effort. “Perfect” was a vocal melody that I broke out after some years of it sitting on my computer and the band took it and ran with it. Both processes proved to be successful, I think. And we often approach writing from different angles. It keeps the process fun. 

What would you say is the theme to “Perfect?”

At its core, it’s a love song. Love can make you feel pain, desire, yearning, insanity, fury, jealousy, etc. Perfect explores the kind of love that throws you from emotion to emotion. 

Having a song released through Alternative Press is a great opportunity to open up a band to a wider audience. What sort of response have you gotten?

The response to the song was actually amazing to watch! We got over 10,000 shares in under a week. It’s ridiculous. And so humbling. Thinking back to releasing Danny Blu music a year back and struggling to get anyone to pay attention, this was an amazing experience for sure.

Are there plans for a full-length anytime soon?

We are definitely always writing! If we get to a place where it makes sense to release a full length, then we absolutely will. We haven’t exactly figured out what our next move with be, which we find super exciting!

What is the ultimate goal for Echo Black?

Madison Square Garden.

What’s next for the band?

We are constantly writing and exploring our options. We definitely have some new music coming soon. Very soon, in fact. Stay Tuned! And thank you for reading! 

You can check out “Perfect” below.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pX_1wNIGAkU]


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