Exclusive Interview with Brains’ Andrew Williams


If you’re a fan of zombies, romance, action, and mystery, then the web series Brains is the show for you.  With season 2 just around the corner, some are aching to know what’s in store.  Edgar Davison, who is portrayed by the series’ director Andrew Williams, will be a new addition to the list of characters.

I had the opportunity to interview Andrew about season 2, the character that he will portray, and how he thinks he’d do in a real-life zombie apocalypse.

What can you tell us about Edgar Davison, the character that you’ll be playing?

Edgar is the very enthusiastic new head of the neuropsychology department. He likes to see himself as sort of a “Dr. William Masters for the zombie age,” which you’ll see pretty quickly in his first episode.  He’s arrogant, but also sincere. He really does mean well.

Are you anything like Edgar?

I am definitely capable of being the most socially awkward person in a room. (laughs) I think Edgar runs into trouble sometimes when his overwhelming level of sincerity conflicts with the other character’s defensive cynicism. He makes people uncomfortable with his total and unfiltered honesty, and his tendency to wear his heart on his sleeve.  That resonates with me. The difference is Edgar doesn’t let that conflict change how he acts, and I actually kind of respect that.

What can we expect to see in season 2?

I don’t want to get into any spoilers or Bri will murder me (we’re roommates, she knows where I live), but I can say from a production standpoint we really stepped up our game this season. Last season I was an Executive Producer, Director, and de facto Director of Photography (just because we didn’t have someone for the job at the time).  It was fun and I’m really proud of the work we did, but you have to let a lot of little things slide. You’re constantly having to split attention between the performances and checking the frame to see if the look is right, and the performances are usually going win.  This year we brought in a very talented director of photography, our friend Brandon Smalls, we ditched the HD camcorder for a Black Magic camera, and the footage looks stunning. We were really able to collaborate on a look for the season, and I’m very happy with it.  It was nice to be able to set up a shot and then focus on the performance I wanted from the actors, because we had someone we trusted operating the camera and watching frame. The result is a really fun and exciting season.

Will zombies be a bigger threat?

There’s certainly more zombies this season, but Alison always has a tendency to point the camera away from the horror movie that is her life and instead focus on the romance film she wants it to be.  That’s not to say the apocalypse isn’t going to come crashing through the door to wreck her love-life, though.

What would you miss most if there were a zombie apocalypse?

Food! I’m the pickiest eater in the world. I’m not sure how I’d survive on just eating whatever you scavenge.

What would be your weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse?

I’m pretty handy with a bow & arrow. I took three years of archery, and I think they’re perfect for a zombie outbreak.  They’re silent, so you wouldn’t attract unwanted zombie attention, and you can reuse the ammunition. It’s definitely how I survive my play-throughs of “The Last of Us.”

Would you be able to survive an apocalypse?

I think it depends on finding a good group, people who need your strengths, and can help balance out your weaknesses.  Humans can’t survive alone.  At least, I can’t. If I was in a group of people I trusted, then sure, I think I could survive. Anything is possible.

Our website is called Talk Nerdy With Us, so what is something nerdy about you?

Everything!  I tend to love art that resonates with me to excess.  TV shows, theatre, books and movies. I really get invested in this stuff.  I saw the Deaf West production of Spring Awakening for the 1st Preview, Closing Night, and a few times in between, and I cried every time. I shouldn’t even get started talking about Doctor Who, it would take too long.

Catch up with season 1 of Brains before season 2 is released in September!  And don’t forget to visit their website to learn more about the web series. Watch a preview of season 2 below.

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