Doin’ It Raw Episode Nine: The Devil’s Lettuce

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 10.44.03 PMA while ago, I wrote about the only Podcast on air that doesn’t make me fall asleep, Doin’ it Raw. To refresh your memory, no, Doin’ it Raw isn’t an online chat for lonely singles looking for love, it’s just a Podcast started by Tyler Schnabel and Tyler Posey who wanted to bring their rawness to an audience that would appreciate it. And appreciate it we have!

Racking in more than 50,000 listeners and thousands of followers on Twitter, the Raw Podcast is definitely far from where it began a little more than a year ago. Since their first episode, the boys have tackled discussions on mental health, put a spotlight on undiscovered bands, reached out to fans, had guests like All Time Low’s Jack Barakat, and have been just genuinely rawsome (yes that’s a word now).

In their ninth and most recent episode the boys went live, which is something that they’ve been doing for a few episodes now. However, this time, they made the announcement about the episode just hours before.

In their pre-show, as usual, five songs were played while the fans waited for the Tylers to come on. The songs, this time, were all pretty mellow and I enjoyed them.They were as follows:

Re: Stacks – Bon Iver

Don’t Worry Baby – Beach Boys

Titus Was Born – Young The Giant

Life Can’t Get Much Better – Good Charlotte

Ocean – One T

The one name you probably don’t recognize on that list is One T, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to say that for long. He’s just become one of my favorite artists and I think within the year or so, everyone is going to be talking about this guy.

Bret Loehr, also known as One T is one of Tyler Posey’s friends and a super talented musician and filmmaker. One T is self-described as “a product of Funk and Classic Music. Since coming from an acoustic background One T has created a [unique] sound, fusing Dance Music with Loud Guitars and Soul…”

After that song played, it was finally time for the Tylers. They announced that Bret was their guest for the episode. The three talked about how they’ve been on an alcohol and weed free cleanse for about a week now and how it has affected them. I think it’s so nice to hear people talk about taboo topics like this candidly because it’s important to learn that everyone, even public voices like theirs have flaws and struggles.

Soon after this, the boys were talking about Schnabel’s latest adventure with Sam and Mattie, two guys who started a Kickstarter about two years ago to make a kickass zombie movie, “Spring Break Zombie Massacre”, which just had its premiere and was even on Conan earlier this week.

A new project that the three have been working on is a short that we can look forward to seeing very soon.

Whereas the fan calls are usually my favorite part of the show, (half of the time it’s me sweating bullets trying to get through), for this episode my favorite part came when, at fan’s suggestions, the three ad-libbed an entire song about “The Devil’s Lettuce”. I’m not kidding, this is legitimately a song I would listen to, and they made it up right on the spot.


I think that here in the 9th episode, the boys have found a good formula for their show that really works. Which is why, of course, they have to mix things up a bit! For the 10th and final episode of the season, they teased at a possibility of doing a 24-hour stream to celebrate their Freshman season. I know whatever they choose to do will be really interesting and surprising, as there’s always something fun that happens in every episode.

I also can’t wait to see what they have in store for season two of Doin’ it Raw! You can expect me to be right there listening.


You can listen to One T’s music here!

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