Ashley Tisdale Talks Return to Young & Hungry, Possible Spinoff Show

YOUNG & HUNGRY - "Young & Sofia" - Sofia makes her entry into the world of journalism, working for the formidable Logan Rawlings on a special episode of "Young & Hungry," airing on WEDNESDAY, JULY 20 (8:00-8:30 p.m. EDT), on Freeform. (Freeform/Eric McCandless) AIMEE CARRERO, ASHLEY TISDALE

Photo Credit: Freeform/Eric McCandless
Photo Credit: Freeform/Eric McCandless

If you think your boss is tough, Freeform’s Young & Hungry might give you some comfort this week.

Executive producer Ashley Tisdale returns as Logan Rawlings in “Young & Sofia.” And she’s gotten even more badass since we last saw her. In the eighth episode of the season, Sofia goes to work for Logan, who has started her own media company. But working for someone as tough as Logan Rawlings will definitely require some support.

First introduced in season one, Logan has only appeared on Young & Hungry twice, leaving many viewers wanting more. According to Tisdale, “Young & Sofia” will give a deeper look into Logan’s life and truly establishes the character. She describes Logan as someone “you want to hate, but you love her.”

In a recent phone interview, Tisdale discussed her love of the character, plus how she became the toughest on-screen boss ever.

Logan’s only been in a few episodes, but it seems like fans really love her and are excited for her return. What do you think makes her stand out?

I think she’s one of those characters – well I love that she’s a lesbian, just because it’s something so different for me to play. And I think at the same, she is really empowering for women. She has a little bit of a bitchy quality, but I think she’s someone who, she just really gets straight to the point, she’s very honest and she just doesn’t have time because she’s a busy person. Last time we saw her, she was working at San Francisco [Monthly] and now she’s running her own company, Clickd Media. I just think she’s a girl boss, and someone to really look up to. Obviously, she doesn’t really approach things the right way, and she’s very hard to work for but I think she’s just a really fun character to play.

Judging from the episode promo, she seems pretty hardcore. How did you play that? Did you channel any old bosses you might’ve had?

Definitely. It’s interesting you say that. (laughs). I’ve had bosses that I really have respected, just because, obviously their work and what they’ve done. But at the same time I’ve had people who you would never even – they’re honest, but they just approach it the wrong way. And you could be taking it so personally, but at the same time you have to remind yourself not to take it personally, it’s just them not approaching it the right way. I have had really tough bosses in the past to work for, so I loved being able to kind of take pieces from each one and put it into this character.

Which is funny because, in interviews, both Emily Osment and Aimee Carrero have said that as a producer on Young & Hungry, you’re so open and warm and present. What challenges did you face in portraying a character so different from your actual self?

I think the best part of acting is playing different characters that aren’t like you. I would hope I’m not like Logan, as a producer. (laughs). Because she is crazy! But I think it’s really fun to play these characters that are very outlandish and at the same time have really great qualities about them. Like being someone who’s really honest and straight-to-the-point…just being honest is a great quality. It’s just how she approaches things that is wrong. Also, she’s someone who’s business savvy and smart, she’s a really smart person and she has a lot of pressure on her. So, it’s really fun to come up with different ways of how you want to play the character. But, obviously me as a producer, I’m someone who goes about my business in a completely different way than that. I’m really someone who loves to be supportive. And being an actress, I know the other side of it. So I like to be able to be the team player and support everyone and help them.

What would you say is your favorite part of playing Logan, since she is so different?

Well, there’s really no end to her, just being creative I think. She obviously holds a lot in, and I think that there’s many layers to her. I think if this were to go into a series, we would really get to peel away the layers and see who she really is, and where her vulnerability is. Also, she has such great fashion sense. (laughs). I love her clothes! Especially this last episode, because thinking of a future, if there is a future, I just kind of went in and got to be really creative from the set design to the wardrobe. I haven’t had a character in a very long time where I’m like “oh my gosh, I’m going to miss wearing her clothes.” And this character, I was like “I want to play her again to wear her clothes.” (laughs).

Fortunately, Tisdale says that she was able to purchase some of Logan’s wardrobe for herself.

“Young & Sofia” will also serve as a pilot for a potential spinoff show following Sofia’s journey in establishing herself. Though Logan Rawlings has plenty of depth, Tisdale says Logan is a bit too “out there” to be a lead character, and she doesn’t mind that. Knowing her fans have grown up since the days of High School Musical, Ashley realizes that many are at the same point in their lives as Sofia, and will be able to connect to Carrero’s character. For Tisdale, being a lead isn’t the most important thing; she looks forward to showing the dynamic and chemistry between the two characters.

“Young & Sofia” airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform. Ryan Pinkston (Clipped) and Steve Talley (Pretty Little Liars and The 100) will guest star as Sofia’s coworkers.

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