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WCW Laura Prepon

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Kids these days know her as Alex Vause. Kids in my day knew her as Hot Donna. However you know her, Laura Prepon is an amazing actress with a career that spans almost two decades.

Laura’s first acting job was the one that put her in the spotlight: Donna “Hot Donna” Pinciotti in Fox’s That 70’s Show. She was the main female lead opposite the show’s star, Topher Grace. Their characters had an off-on again relationship that lasted the entire 200-episode run.

During her time off as Donna, Laura found time for the cinema, starting with 2001’s Southlander: Diary of a Desperate Musician. She followed that up a year later with a major supporting role in Slackers.

That 70’s Show ended in 2006 and Laura went on to guest-star on multiple TV shows such as How I Met Your MotherCastle, and House.

The year 2013 brought Laura back into the spotlight with a major role in Netflix’s original series Orange Is The New Black, as the main character’s former love interest, Alex Vause. I can’t say that she’s a role model, exactly, so for the younger readers, JAIL. IS. BAD.

Make sure you follow Laura on Twitter and catch season 4 of Orange Is The New Black on Netflix, out now.

Written by Jenni Bradley

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