“Wynonna Earp” Episode Ten & Eleven Review: How Many Earp Heirs Are Too Many?


With only a couple of episodes left in this season, things are definitely getting weird in the world of Wynonna Earp. For starters, there was the bombshell that the writers dropped on us in episode ten, “She Wouldn’t Be Gone”: contrary to popular belief, the oldest Earp girl, Willa, wasn’t killed in the assault that resulted in the death of daddy Earp. Instead, she somehow ended up being raised in a cult in the woods, living under the name Eve. How did this happen, you ask? We don’t know, but after episode eleven, I have a hunch.

Before I get into that, though, let me give a brief recap of what happened in “She Won’t Be Gone.” Wynonna and Dolls venture into the woods to investigate a runaway Revenant named Lou and run amiss of a strange cult run by Lou and somehow involving a shapeshifter (who is being held against her will). Meanwhile, Doc leaves town in a huff after Wynonna tells him that they aren’t an item, things between Waverly and Detective Haught heat up even more, and Wynonna discovers that her long-lost sister, Willa, is actually alive.

For the most part, this episode was one of my least favorites—too much relationship drama—but it had its shining moments (for example, Melanie Scrofano’s hilarious one-liners and clear panic during the ritual bath scene). Moreover, it ended on such a high note that I was willing to forgive its transgressions. Willa being alive changes everything, as we come to find out in episode eleven, “Landslide.”

Sadly, these changes might not be for the better. Willa has a hard time adjusting to her new life as an Earp, and Wynonna and Waverly’s relationship takes a hit as a result. It seems like Willa barely has time for the littlest Earp, something that doesn’t sit well with Waverly. Furthermore, Willa isn’t inclined to play by the rules—and we thought Wynonna was bad in this regard! In a drunken rage, she ices a Revenant in Shorty’s old bar in front of dozens of witnesses, effectively exposing the Earps and Purgatory to the world. To make matters worse, she encourages Wynonna to ignore Dolls and fight with her as the chosen Two, leaving no room for Waverly.

I really felt bad for Waverly in this episode because not only does it seem like she’s being forgotten by her sisters but also by the writers. Besides her developing relationship with Detective Haught, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot on the horizon for Waves, which is distressing considering that she’s such a compelling character. Now that Willa is back, it appears that Waverly is being forced even further into the background. Let’s pray this changes in the future.

Waverly’s character isn’t the only one who is experiencing this, either; Doc has slowly drifted away from the main plot ever since his revenge storyline was wrapped up, and the writers have yet to replace it with an equally fascinating one. For the time being, he is drifting, desperate to find some meaning. When he runs into Juan Carlos, who reminds me a lot of Whistler from Buffy and Angel, it’s almost as if the writers are trying to reel him back in after losing track of him.

Nevertheless, I’m really excited about what the addition of Juan Carlos could mean for this series. So there are spirit guides or deities keeping track of Wynonna and her pals in a Powers-That-Be esque-fashion? Color me intrigued! What’s more, I’m wondering how long Willa is going to stick around—and how two Heirs can exist at the same time. In addition, I have to wonder if there is a history between Willa and Bobo. Why did he save her? And why did she protect him? I have a theory that he might’ve been the one to deliver her to that cult but we’ll have to wait and see if I’m right!

New episodes of Wynonna Earp air on Friday nights at 10:00 pm ET/PT on Syfy.

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