The Walking Dead Attraction to Debut at Universal Studios on July 4th


Universal Studios has always been a big part of LA Culture, but it kind of fell off of the map a little bit. Though admittedly, I’ve always preferred Disneyland, or even Six Flags, lately, Universal has begun to properly bring itself back on the grid. In the past four or five years, Universal in LA has really begun to solidify itself. Universal debuted the much-anticipated “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™” earlier this year. While this park is on a much smaller scale than its Orlando counterpart, it still gets the job done. It’s been extremely successful, and fans everywhere are happy with the intricacy of the architecture and the Butterbeer. It’s nice to have a piece of Hogwarts and a little bit of magic right here in LA.

Speaking of a different kind of magic, as in rising from the dead and walking the Earth magic, Universal will soon be debuting a brand new attraction for The Walking Dead. Fans of Halloween Horror Nights can once again get excited to be scared year round. After Universal crushed a lot of people’s hearts by closing their infamous House of Horror attraction, horror fans were afraid they would have to wait until October every year to get the thrill of walking through a maze. This was quickly proven wrong. On July 4th, 2016, Universal will unlock its “Don’t Open, Dead Inside” doors for the public. Because what’s more American than flesh-eating zombies?

The Walking Dead debuted in October of 2010 and since then has risen to fame. It is now the most watched show in cable television history. The Walking Dead has been one of the longest standing annual mazes brought back to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios every year so it’s a given that this attraction will bode well. John Murdy, creative director of Halloween Horror Nights, has been working with the show’s executive producer and director, Greg Nicotero and his special effects company, KNB Efx to create an attraction that fans are sure to love. The attraction features an intricate storyline and live actors there to deliver your scares to you.

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