The CW Snatches Another Teen Wolf Star

Tyler Hoechlin, who played Derek Hale on the hit MTV show Teen Wolf is really one to watch this year.

After leaving Teen Wolf, fans were devastated and scared that they wouldn’t see Hoechlin on their screens anymore. He quickly proved people wrong with his success in the movie Everybody Wants Some. He also has an upcoming movie called Undrafted, written and directed by Joe Mazello, you can watch the trailer here.

After rumors of Hoechlin playing a new Batman were proven to be untrue (because hello Batfleck), the seed was planted that Hoechlin would make a great superhero. In today’s news, it was just announced that the CW has snagged another MTV heartthrob. Tyler will be playing none other than Clark Kent (YES SUPERMAN) on their show Supergirl.

This is great news for the show itself, but I’m busy already thinking about the epic Supergirl/Flash crossover in which Hoechlin can act alongside Grant Gustin! Just think about that duo. And the fact that this probably means that Hoechlin will not be leaving the comic con circuit anytime soon.

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