Favorite Bromances

One thing I think television does really well is friendships, especially male friendships. So, in honor of National Best Friends day, I wanted to celebrate my favorite bromances on TV:

Fifth place goes to Harvey and Mike from Suits. Since Mike begins the show as Harvey’s associate, one might expect this relationship to be that of mentor-mentee. Instead, the two become fast friends, willing to do anything, including bending (and breaking) the law to help each other. They are not afraid to call each other out, but want nothing more than to see each other succeed in all areas of their lives. Also, their movie-quoting abilities are top-notch.

harvey and mike

Next comes, Peter and Neal from White Collar. I also love Mozzie, but the relationship that builds between Peter and Neal is truly special. Trust is difficult to earn and even more difficult to keep and in ways, this friendship is a bit of a slow burn. Eventually, they learn to [mostly] trust each other and care not only about each other, but about the people in the other one’s life. They risk their lives, jobs, and freedom in order to keep the other safe and are the epitome of “opposites attract.”

peter and neal

My favorite bromance, and perhaps my favorite friendship overall, on television right now is Scott and Stiles from Teen Wolf. They have been friends forever and when Scott turns into a werewolf, Stiles stays by his side, even when he has to chain up Scott to keep himself from being killed. When Stiles’ mind and body are deteriorating, Scott is willing to do whatever it takes, including turning Stiles, to keep him alive. They cry together, laugh together, mourn together and even when they have the biggest argument of their lives, their friendship still prevails.

scott and stiles 2

The O.C. was a quick classic, due in no small part to the bromance between Seth and Ryan. Even though they could not be any more different, Seth the lovable nerd and Ryan, the bad boy, click instantly. They help each other through dating relationships, serious family drama, the deaths of loved ones and college, remaining the constant in each other’s lives through it all. And, by the end of the show, they are brothers in every sense of the word.

seth and ryan 2

No friendship list is complete without my favorite bromance of all time, Cory and Shawn from Boy Meets World. Friends since the beginning, nothing can separate the two. As much as Cory loves Topanga, he just might love Shawn more. They walk through all aspects of life together, causing all sorts of trouble along the way. They aren’t just friends, they are family, never giving up on one another and constantly encouraging one another to be better. cory and shawn 2cory and shawn 3

Let us know your favorite TV bromances!

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