Exclusive Interview with Below Deck Mediterranean’s Bobby Giancola


As this season of Below Deck Mediterranean unfolds, deck hand Bobby Giancola has proven himself to be a hard-working and trusting crewmember. Bobby got into yachting through his former career as a maritime firefighting instructor. Read our interview below as we discuss his transition from firefighting to yachting, his current relationship with Julia and most importantly, superhero movies!

There’s been quite a lot of drama this season with the deck hands, so how was it for you working on the crew this year?

Other than the drama on deck it was a blast (laughs)! I mean yeah, we had to work hard but it was so enjoyable even with all the nonsense.

Is there usually this much drama on a charter or is it just blown up because it’s on TV?

When you have nine different people with unique personalities stuck together on a boat for weeks, there’s bound to be drama, disagreements, and relationships that arise! The drama happens with or without a camera crew. 

Who are your favorite charter guests? What makes them your favorite?

I really enjoyed the Novotny’s (Oklahomans) with the great one liners and putting us on the spot for a silly dance contest! I also had fun with The Bob charter. They were just a group of fun respectable guys having a great time!

Do you still keep up with Julia?

Yeah! We’re in touch still and on good terms.

How did you handle the transition between firefighting and yachting?

It’s pretty easy actually, they are both fun and adventurous jobs except one brings me around the world on a yacht and the other brings me around crazy action like car wrecks, house fires, and technical rescues.

Favorite place you’ve been to in yachting?

Santorini by far was so amazing! It’s really hard to put into words what it’s like eating dinner at the top of what’s left from one of the most volcanic eruptions in history and looking down into the caldera. It was breathtaking.

Our site is called talk nerdy with us, so what do you nerd out about?

I nerd out over a lot of things, but my guilty pleasure is definitely superhero movies! Doesn’t matter if it’s DC Comics or Marvel, I love them all. My bed sheets at work are The Avengers and Superman (laughs).

Make sure to watch Below Deck Mediterranean every Tuesday at 9/8c on Bravo!

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