Cover Wars: Edge of Seventeen

“Edge of Seventeen” is a well-known rock anthem by singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks. The song was the third single from her first solo album Bella Donna, 1981. Nicks has said the song was written to deal with the grief of losing a beloved uncle the same week John Lennon was shot. The song has been covered many times, by artists such as Lindsay Lohan, and Destiny’s Child sampled its strong guitar riff on their single “Bootylicious.” Here are some more recent covers, by artists you may not have heard of (but should). This is one of my favorite songs of all time, and I can’t even choose who kills it best! Good luck to all!

Jasmine Cain:

Jonas and the Massive Attraction: 

Lexington Lab Band:

The Wind and the Wave:

Beautiful Garbage:

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