Cailee Rae’s Debut EP Overthinking Available TODAY!

Hot on the heels of the release of Cailee Rae’s video for the song “Anchor” comes the release of the full EP, Overthiking.  Cailee, who is just 16 years old, likes to be involved in all aspects of the creative process; when writing her own music, she draws inspiration from everything she sees and hears in her everyday life.

She has admitted that of her favorite places to draw this inspiration from are airports where she watches strangers in transit and envisions their stories.  It is difficult to specifically define Cailee’s sound; it is a unique blend of “indie-pop” that she says you must hear in order to get a feel for her style.  She also loves to be able to put her own original stamp on the music she creates, as evidenced both in her covers of popular songs, and in her own original music.

Cailee’s debut EP Overthinking, is available on Spotify and iTunes.  You can see the video for “Anchor” below and get a feel for Cailee’s style.  Take a chance on Cailee, her music is infectious and fun.


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